Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Beginning of Hermione's Adventures...


Hermione [aka Interviewer Bob] was a living-breathing action figure replica of "Hermione Granger" from the Harry Potter series. She wasn't anything like "Hermione Granger," though. Her name was Hermione Kirkamm, a traveler of the seven seas.
Hermione (Bob) was traveling from her home in search of adventure. She happened to escape the wrath of her "owner" Raven Van Bueren. It took about three tries to escape, but she did it. Well, actually, Raven lost her TWICE in the ocean, so that's how she escaped.
Now Hermione found a stange pendant in the
ocean. It was known as the "Kabuniverse Pendant." It was supposed to do absolutely EVERYTHING possibly imagined and even beyond. But Hermione didn't know that. She just used it to travel around the other dimension (also known as Scrub-Jhay and Starrywhite's BLOG).
She will be traveling throughout all of my stories representing the theme of each month. (And who am I? I am Zxero Nothing, a MIX of both Starrywhite and Scrub-Jhay!) You see, each month has a certain theme, and there are different short stories for each theme, so Hermione will be traveling throughout these stories.
And today is RANDOM STORY MONTH! So there will definitely be some adventure for Hermione. THANK THE NOTHING FOR ADVENTURE!

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