Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Random Encounter By Interviewer Bob

Did anything strange happen to you, Starrywhite?

Well, actually yes.

What happened?

Today, Scrub-Jhay and I were on the bus, going to Scrub's house. In front of us were these people and one of them was holding a mop. (Note:The mop had a yellow pole, same color as the yellow pole on the bus.) As I was staring at the mop, I kinda felt mezmerized, yet at the same time, I felt a bad feeling in my stomach. Soon, that bad feeling was right because as we were about to get off the bus, I accidently grabbed the mop instead of the pole as the bus was slowing down. I almost lost my grip on it, but at least the person was holding strong on the mop. If that person didn't, I probably would had accidently took it with me!

Oh, interesting. How did Scrub-Jhay react to this predicament?

Predicament? Predicament! Scrub was laughing her feathery butt off, thats what! She thought it was more like a joke than an accident! She was hysterical! I was blushing red or at least I think. I was dying of embarrassment!

Oh, how sorry for you. Is Scrub-Jhay a bird?


Okay... Got anything else to say before we end our conversation?

Yes, never trust mops.


  1. LOL - although we must note that the mop handle and the bus pole were about the same color of yellow. it was funny to see the struggle between you and the mop holder ;-D