Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Adventures of Zolraye and Sabian: Secrets of the Past

The Adventures of Zolraye and Sabian

Zolraye and Sabian were both the Kabuniverse Nothing in the form of two faerries. Zolraye was a non-power faerry, while her brother was a light-power. The thing about them was that their faerry forms were not only faeries, but also half Alternative God/Goddess. The reason? Well, let's just say their mother died long before they were born, and the Alternative one, Kali, secretly pretended to be their mother and created them so that they looked, and had the traits of their mother.

Zolraye, unfortunately, who had been adopted by her aunt, was sent away to live with the pirate jays because of a mysterious, cursed symbol on her hand. The symbol meant her true name, meaning "Alternative One," which was, Zolraye. Zolraye's Aunt was forced by the spirit of Kali to keep Zolraye's name a secret, and that her fake name would be Soulraye.

Sabian, who was "given life" (born) a few years after Zolraye was also adopted by their aunt, too. Zolraye was living with the jays, though, and never knew she had a brother. Sabian wasn't sent away by their aunt, fortunately, because he didn't have the mysterious, cursed sybol.

Another few years later, Zolraye and Sabian's sister, Fringe was born, and also lived with their aunt. She had the same problems just as her relatives.

Later on, the three, Zolraye, Sabian, and Fringe discovered that the marking on Zolraye's hand was the "God/Goddess Symbol," and that Kali had used it to represent that the three were all half Alternative One as well as faerry.

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