Thursday, September 30, 2010

My Dream

In my dream

I see a land of snow,

At the same time the sun,

Who hides under the tree for shade.

People are singing and saying things of joy,

Including for the"people" who live in the unknown,

Like the shadow "people",

Or the light "people",

Yet they don't know about the other.

They only know themselves only,

Until when they went to a far away land called Yexilliaus,

They suddenly met with a shock.

It's been a thousand years that both the shadow and light "people" met,

But the shock ended with a shout from the king of shadow and queen of light.

They said with a start lets have peace and soon everyone agreed.

They talked, laughed, danced, and singed with each other to get to know each other,

With learning that it would be great to hang out with them again soon.


A scream came from the Queen as she danced with the King and turned to dust that twinkled.

All the "people"of light came to get her remains, but it flew to the shadow people,

Which some died from the light.

The dark king thought this would be the end,

However, a little light "girl" came up and told him that he can live with them.

The king smiled at the offer and went off.

Since then,

The light and dark,

Who sit it trees,

Lives happily and hides,

From people like me.

The ruler of everything...

The War of Life

"The humans are the smartest ones," said the monkeys to the birds.

"But the humans aren't the biggest ones," said the elephants to the herds.

"The humans are the weirdest ones, and that's what makes them weird."

"But the humans aren't the liveliest ones," said the scrub jay to the world.

The animals agreed to this and chattered all at once.

"And the humans are the ruiners of this little world of sorrow us."

Everyone was silent to listen to her words.

"They have treated us like slaves and broke out global warming, and treasoned our forests to make homes all for themselves."

Everyone was breaking out into a big long chatter.

Suddenly into the world of free broke in the "traitor."

"Stop thy nonsense. Humans are good, and never did a thing," said he.

"Then I declare a war between you humans and true life!"

"But also then, we have technology of many types and sorts. You'll never have a chance to win against the humans with many retorts."

"Try me," said the scrub jay. "Let's see who wins this war. Lions will roar, bears will claw, hawk's talons will rip your thongs in half or more. Whoever wins this war will win the tree of life."

"Then it's just me against nature," said the human a bit scared with strife. "But don't forget, the humans are strong and barely lose their lives."

Later, billions of people with guns in their hands, called the word "fire!" and shot through the air, while the animals called "charge!"through the sound of the guns. But the humans were strong, and the animals fled.

Just as a bomb, as light as a nickle, appeared on the ground

The scrub jay had dragged it and dropped, then a flare

Outbroke and killed lots of people

Throughout the whole world!

Most of them were injured down to the bone.

"To thy lives we surrender! Tis' thee to be free! We will be part of the world of the free!"

And so after that, the humans all worked, and lived in the forests with the birds and the bees.

They worked for nature while it worked for them, too.

Life was again, sanguine, this time all the way through.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Chalk Grant for ArtSeed

"The Wandering Mind" is Scrub-jhay's decided new idea for ArtSeed's CHALK Grant. To start, it is basically a video project. The Video is about the mind of a person with Inattentive ADD, which is when someone blanks out and is not able to focus. The scenes in this video switch between a person's reality, and her other dimension in which her mind tends to wander.

This person is not seen in the video, but the video is basically scenes about what this person imagines. One of the scenes that seems to actually "show" the person who is imagining, is a scene with "faerries" who have a conversation about what this mysterious "wandering mind" disease is.

Zolraye, whose mind is the one that wanders deals with her "reality" while the person of reality is dealing with her reality. The real "Wandering One" is the one who seems to guide the person of reality through her life in the "real world."

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Adventures of Zolraye and Sabian: Secret Escape

Zolraye took Sabian's hand and smiled.
"It'll all be fine," she said. "I only want to go out of this land for awhile to find things-- things unseen, untold, and go on adventures."
"So you seek to find legends," Sabian said gloomily.
Zolraye shrugged, then said, "I need to go out of this ol' land for a while. I can never stand bein' cooped up in one place for too long. I must wander."
Sabian gasped. "You're a Wandering One?"
"I guess you can say," she replied with a wink. "But don't tell a soul. If they ask where I'm off to, do not say a word."
Sabian shuddered and said, "I'll try, but if the others try to force me to tell, you'll be sorry."
Zolraye only laughed heartily and clapped a hand on her little brother's shoulder. "Aye, right, but ye'll be sorry all the same when I come stormin' back with blacklight between my palms."
Sabian couldn't help but laugh. He watched as Zolraye smiled and said, "I shall return in at least a year. I'll miss ye guys, but ne'r worry. Me heart will be with ye."

She could see a tear form in Sabian's eye as he watched her turn to leave. She slung her pack of belongings over her shoulder and walked out the door towards the forest. Zolraye became smaller and smaller as she disappeared between the trees. Sabian was left holding his breath in confusion. He wished to come with his sister, yet he knew she would get terribly if he did. This was her quest. She was the one who was meant to go and write all the legends that were out there. She was a writer and wanderer.
But what if I could be a wanderer, too? thought Sabian. I can be a writer also!
Sabian debated in his mind. This was his only chance to be with his sister and get to know her more.
Finally, Sabian rushed back into the house, and grabbed as many of his belongings as he could. He stuffed it all into a little sack and rushed out the door. He slammed the door behind him, and made his way into the forest.

Zolraye heard a shuffling of feet on dirt upon the floor behind her. She turned around and saw her brother with sparkling eyes. He looked very upset, yet relieved he was back with his only sister. Zolraye tensed a little. "Why are ye here? Ye should be at home!" she said. Sabian was silent. He stood up straight and stiff as if rooted to the floor like a tree. Zolraye approached him in almost a threatening way, but Sabian held his ground. He pulled back and looked straight into the eyes of his sister.
"You're not leaving," he said coldly, "Otherwise, I'm coming with you."
There was awhile where Zolraye said nothing. Instead, she had a slight smile across her thin lips. Finally, she said, "Fine. Maybe it won't be so bad if ye come with me."
Sabian lit up and threw himself at his sister, squeezing her in a hug. He cried and said, "Oh, sister, how I love you. Thank you! I would have been so alone back at home." He let go and sniffled. Zolraye chuckled. "Ach, right. Same with me."

The two began to stride forth the great redwood forest, happy to be united, and anxious what was to happen next. What legends were there to find? What was wandering like? Sabian had always seen his sister go out alone to the forest, but never knew what she was doing. Now he knew she was in fact, wandering! Zolraye had always written in her journal, a story which she told was about the legends of the tree spirits. Now Sabian had an idea of where she got the inspirations. He smiled and thought of what would happen to him during their wanders.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Stardust in the Forest 2

As the young feirie looked to the sky, she saw the stars that were blinding her vision. She squinted at the sky and saw a bright light that grew bigger. It even came closer to her.

She then got a little bit worried and started to back away. She was about to turn around and run, but she felt something touch her shoulder and calmly whispering "Don't worry. Your mother sent me."

Stardust turned around in alarm. She saw a young women, wearing her blonde hair in a ponytail. She also wore a very light yellow dress that was sparkling like the universe was imprinted on it. Her white eyes sparkled and started to water.

"Who are you? How do you know my mother? She died when I was five."

"I know, but your real mother is much alive, but..."

"Really? A...Alive? How can that be?"

"Well, I will answer any questions later. Your mother sent me since she knew that you never had your message yet."

Stardust was then speechless, waiting for what her real, alive mother sent her.

"Well, your past mother,the mother who you said died when you were five, it was acutally your adopted mother. She was the one who sent you this message."

Stardust got disappointed, however nodded.

The young women continued," Your mother says that even when she died, she will always be able to communicate with you. She wishes you health and happiness. Also, she hoped for you to cope with the hard ship of her leaving you at an early age. Your sister and father said that to always be true to your friends..."
Then, suddenly, they heard someone yelling in the distance, and thats when the messenger got startled and said in a rush,"I also wanted to say that for the future, watch your friend's back and I'm sorry but I have to leave. Your par...I mean friend, is coming into the forest right now to look for you."

The women turned around and started to disappear, but she disappeared half way, making her half-faded and whispered "We shall meet again. The next time I will see you would be when the sun shall be engulfed with shadow. When it does, say the words Star-Raly Skies at mid-night."

She then vanished completely. As Stardust stared at the place where the lady use to be, she heard someone yelling, but she now heard her name. She felt dazed and confused, so she ignored it. Soon, she heard panting and running from behind her.

"Stardust! I knew I would find you here." said a choaking, out of breath voice.

However, she just stood there and didn't move. The panting and running from someone went closer to her. She then felt someone grip her shoulder. Her hair then went up on end.

"Are you all right? Well, Zolraye senced that you left and we looked all over for you in Melenies. Please, say something!"

The hand on her shoulder spun her around forcefully. She saw a brown headed fairy, about her age, with ocean blue eyes. She realized half-awake that it was Nicholas. He had tears dripping on his face.

"Don't scare me again, ok? We all care about you. Please, just tell us if you go anywhere...Even me. I don't care for some strange reason you're not talking to me, I just want to let you know that I care about you really much... and I..."

He then chocked on his words and hugged Stardust tightly as he sobbed into her back, but she still stared cluelessly. However, the hug started to bring her back to reality and her eyes started to water too. She felt the hug warm her body deeply and her golden blood vibrated her skin. That was when she hugged Nicholas back. She hugged him which felt like hours, not wanting to let go. Like is she woke up from a dream, she then soon realized even more what she was doing and pushed him away. The push shocked Nicholas who fell to the floor confused.

"I'm fine all right! I was just...chatting with someone."she explained.

"Really? Who?" he answered startled.

"No one that I know. She just appeared. Telling me about her... anyways how is everyone else?"

"They are fine. Thanks for wondering, but who is this she?"

"I think....I think she is a star."

Nicholas didn't say anything else becuase thats when everyone else came; flying, they swooped to Stardust and Nicholas, everyone chatting at once. They all gave her a hug and a pat on the back to Nicholas.

As Everyone was flying back to her place to finish the sleepover, she explained everything what happened to her to everyone. Thats what made everyone start to chat except Nicholas. She knew something was wrong and decided to ask him in the morning.
When they came back to her place, she decided to let everyone sleep in one room this time because she didn't want to feel lonely. Everyone agreed and got all of their stuff, moving to the living room, besides Nicholas again, who just stood in the doorway. She then knew that it couldn't wait so she led him inside and asked to talk to him alone.
To be continued...(Maybe)

Monday, September 13, 2010

Zxero: Wandering Off

Zxero didn't really care that it was now "apprentice," or more likely "slave" to the Universe God. It went on with its wandering, and other slaves (which weren't very many) began to wonder where Zxero was off to all the time. The slave, Renne warned the Universe God about this and he became angry when he caught Zxero off on its wandering. Zxero didn't seem to be bothered.

The Universe God beat it very hard, using powers that were meant to cause more pain than any god could handle, and that would kill any mortal in an instant. Zxero felt no pain. The Universe God became furious after awhile of attempting to hurt Zxero. He finally gave up and trapped Zxero in a powerful room that no one could escape. That still didn't stop it from wandering off.
Meanwhile, Renne, who had also been beaten very hard was also being trained. He was gaining much power, and would most likely become the new Universe God. Zxero wrote a tale of this. It was the tale where Renne needed to complete three hard tests in order to become the new Universe God.
"Renne," said the Universe God. "Do you accept this challenge?"
Eagerly, Renne bowed and spoke slowly and clearly, "yes master."

The tests required going out beyond the atmosphere of the entire planet, and finding things. But Renne found that he was up against more than just the challenge-- he was up against other gods who were wanting to become the new Universe God.

Zxero finished this tale in the room it was trapped in, and decided it was about time to go on to another tale. So it wandered around, not intending to find anything, but somehow found a way out. It calmly wandered away from the Universe God's castle as if it were back at "home," doing the usual things it would do.

When the Universe God discovered Zxero's disappearence, he was furious. But he calmed down when he begen to assure himself that Zxero would never be found, after all. Of course, when it wandered, there would be no hope in tracking it down. Renne offered to look for Zxero, for he was failing at almost all the tests, and wanted to do something that no other god could do. The Universe God said, "Then go and try to find Zxero. If you fail, the penalty will be death." It seemed unfair, but Renne knew-- worthless gods needed do "die" and go to mortality.

Zxero walked along, humming again that familiar tune, yet it wasn't humming at all. It seemed to be making its own symphony through its mind that only the imaginitive ones could hear. Zxero had no voice. How did it talk? It didn't talk. It would send a messege through its mind to however many people or things it wanted, and they would see what it was speaking of. It didn't speak through its mind with a voice. It only spoke with letters that somehow, something could read through its mind.

The forest it walked through was dark and hazy, with the early sunlight strands of the morning poking at the leaves. For awhile, it walked in silence. There was no sound but the quiet rustling of leaves. The little glowing spores that were released during the evening and morning were floating above, forming a meandering pathway of light. Zxero looked up. It walked along slowly and crookedly until it came to a cliff. Leading off the cliff was a tiny trail that seemed like miles above the ground. Below the cliff was a thin film of fog. Zxero didn't hesitate, and walked the skinny trail miles off the ground.

At the end of the trail, there was another trail that was bigger, and intersected the small one. It was a water trail that supposedly led to the Sea of Travellers. There was a boat at the end of the skinny trail that rested atop the water. Zxero climed into the boat, and undid the knots at the sails. The sails unraveled like a silk veil in the wind. The wind was an Eurus, coming from the east, and Zxero began to travel west towards the sea. It was now a free wanderer, and nothing would stop it.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Zxero: The Wandering One

The night was ahush of the ghostly shadow of the moon. Among that, there was a castle as large as life, towering above the trees. It seemed to glow, yet it blended in with the forest, as if it wasn't even there. Around the castle were many organic glowing buildings, white as ever. There were large trees, wider and taller than even the largest sequoia redwood tree. Glowing stairs wound around the trees and led to the top, where there were strange, flowing rooms.

In the glowing white castle lived some of the greatest gods and goddesses of their universe. There were two who owned the castle-- the Goddess of Life, and the God of Death. They represented neither bad nor good, for they were, after all, gods of the known prespectives. They stood among the marble castle floor.
"I'm afraid that Zxero will be slave to the Universe God," said the Life Goddess.
"Of course," said the Death God. "It has failed all the tests, and will end up a non-power. Non-powers become the slaves of powerful gods."
The Life Goddess sighed. "Then I guess we must tell Zxero," she murmered.

The Life and Death Gods began to walk up the mysterious stairs, leading up to an archway. Through the archway, there was nothing to be seen, except for blackness and shining stars. When the gods walked through the archway, it revealed a gloomy, glowing blue room. There was no furniture in the room, but there was only a white orb in the middle. The room was shaped of an octagon, with a floral carpet covering the floor that was asheen of blue light, and red figures. Tiny lights bounced about the room, gloomily hitting the walls, the floor, and the ceiling. But Zxero was nowhere to be seen.
Said the Life Goddess, "I am afraid Zxero is off wandering again."
"Indeed," said the Death God. "Let it wander for now, and if it's not back by midnight, we will have to look for it."

"Wander. . . . . Wander. . . . .
I am here and now...
Yet I am everywhere at once...
I seek no quests or fortune...
Oh, how so alone is I...
Oh, how no gods will capture and take me home...
Oh, how I Wander. . . . . I live my life...
And sing my death.
I am Wandering. . . . . Wandering. . . . ."
Zxero sang in a whisper, and trailed off. It meandered among the trees, humming its own tune. It was fairly tall, with red hair, part of it tied back while the rest hung loose. It wore a long white tunic over loose brown pants. It was nothing like its "parents," the Life and Death Gods, for it had no parents. Zxero had existed long before the Gods.

Zxero went along, letting its mind take it wherever it lead. It was holding a book in its arm, with a pen tucked between the pages. The book was all of Zxero's writings of its imagination, and all of its wanderings through the city of gods, called Zheclanavia. It had seen many people pass through that were "chosen ones," completing quests or coming of age. Zxero had always been the invisible one. The villager, or towns person that always ran away with the crowd, or stood aside as the hero of every tale defeated obstacles, or learned something about life.

But for Zxero, there were no quests to complete, nor duties to turn from simple to amazing. Just wandering and living life the way it came. Zxero watched many happenings, and wrote them down. They were tales about one character going from simple to amazing, or becoming a legendary hero.

Zxero was the Wandering One, and would always be. It would always be the writer of "The Tales." You may think it will somehow turn from Wandering One to legendary, but

Think again...

To be continued...

Friday, September 3, 2010

The Stars of Reality

Cease the stars of silhouette
May their lives be ashine of light
For they're light and dark
Show nothing more
Than a sheen we see as goodness.

Like we
They are neither or
any evil nor any good we label.
Life as it is
Is a starry sheen of everything we know and see.

The stars are factors of the way we grow
Like the sun
They provide for us
yet we don't know what we provide for them.
Metaphorically we think of them
And make ruins of their fascinating glory.