Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Adventures of Zolraye and Sabian: Secret Escape

Zolraye took Sabian's hand and smiled.
"It'll all be fine," she said. "I only want to go out of this land for awhile to find things-- things unseen, untold, and go on adventures."
"So you seek to find legends," Sabian said gloomily.
Zolraye shrugged, then said, "I need to go out of this ol' land for a while. I can never stand bein' cooped up in one place for too long. I must wander."
Sabian gasped. "You're a Wandering One?"
"I guess you can say," she replied with a wink. "But don't tell a soul. If they ask where I'm off to, do not say a word."
Sabian shuddered and said, "I'll try, but if the others try to force me to tell, you'll be sorry."
Zolraye only laughed heartily and clapped a hand on her little brother's shoulder. "Aye, right, but ye'll be sorry all the same when I come stormin' back with blacklight between my palms."
Sabian couldn't help but laugh. He watched as Zolraye smiled and said, "I shall return in at least a year. I'll miss ye guys, but ne'r worry. Me heart will be with ye."

She could see a tear form in Sabian's eye as he watched her turn to leave. She slung her pack of belongings over her shoulder and walked out the door towards the forest. Zolraye became smaller and smaller as she disappeared between the trees. Sabian was left holding his breath in confusion. He wished to come with his sister, yet he knew she would get terribly if he did. This was her quest. She was the one who was meant to go and write all the legends that were out there. She was a writer and wanderer.
But what if I could be a wanderer, too? thought Sabian. I can be a writer also!
Sabian debated in his mind. This was his only chance to be with his sister and get to know her more.
Finally, Sabian rushed back into the house, and grabbed as many of his belongings as he could. He stuffed it all into a little sack and rushed out the door. He slammed the door behind him, and made his way into the forest.

Zolraye heard a shuffling of feet on dirt upon the floor behind her. She turned around and saw her brother with sparkling eyes. He looked very upset, yet relieved he was back with his only sister. Zolraye tensed a little. "Why are ye here? Ye should be at home!" she said. Sabian was silent. He stood up straight and stiff as if rooted to the floor like a tree. Zolraye approached him in almost a threatening way, but Sabian held his ground. He pulled back and looked straight into the eyes of his sister.
"You're not leaving," he said coldly, "Otherwise, I'm coming with you."
There was awhile where Zolraye said nothing. Instead, she had a slight smile across her thin lips. Finally, she said, "Fine. Maybe it won't be so bad if ye come with me."
Sabian lit up and threw himself at his sister, squeezing her in a hug. He cried and said, "Oh, sister, how I love you. Thank you! I would have been so alone back at home." He let go and sniffled. Zolraye chuckled. "Ach, right. Same with me."

The two began to stride forth the great redwood forest, happy to be united, and anxious what was to happen next. What legends were there to find? What was wandering like? Sabian had always seen his sister go out alone to the forest, but never knew what she was doing. Now he knew she was in fact, wandering! Zolraye had always written in her journal, a story which she told was about the legends of the tree spirits. Now Sabian had an idea of where she got the inspirations. He smiled and thought of what would happen to him during their wanders.


  1. In a way, it was sad to write this.

  2. I can see why because he left her brother to go on her adventure for a year (or at least she was about to). Thats bad parenting! (just joking) I liked it but I think it has a few grammer mistakes.