Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Chalk Grant for ArtSeed

"The Wandering Mind" is Scrub-jhay's decided new idea for ArtSeed's CHALK Grant. To start, it is basically a video project. The Video is about the mind of a person with Inattentive ADD, which is when someone blanks out and is not able to focus. The scenes in this video switch between a person's reality, and her other dimension in which her mind tends to wander.

This person is not seen in the video, but the video is basically scenes about what this person imagines. One of the scenes that seems to actually "show" the person who is imagining, is a scene with "faerries" who have a conversation about what this mysterious "wandering mind" disease is.

Zolraye, whose mind is the one that wanders deals with her "reality" while the person of reality is dealing with her reality. The real "Wandering One" is the one who seems to guide the person of reality through her life in the "real world."


  1. thanks. i hope we can do this project with sasha too. its supposed to mean something, and so i made it so that it would mean something to people.

  2. yah. It should mean something to everyone because everyone deserves to know and find out.
    This project will be cool to do over winter break maybe.