Thursday, September 30, 2010

My Dream

In my dream

I see a land of snow,

At the same time the sun,

Who hides under the tree for shade.

People are singing and saying things of joy,

Including for the"people" who live in the unknown,

Like the shadow "people",

Or the light "people",

Yet they don't know about the other.

They only know themselves only,

Until when they went to a far away land called Yexilliaus,

They suddenly met with a shock.

It's been a thousand years that both the shadow and light "people" met,

But the shock ended with a shout from the king of shadow and queen of light.

They said with a start lets have peace and soon everyone agreed.

They talked, laughed, danced, and singed with each other to get to know each other,

With learning that it would be great to hang out with them again soon.


A scream came from the Queen as she danced with the King and turned to dust that twinkled.

All the "people"of light came to get her remains, but it flew to the shadow people,

Which some died from the light.

The dark king thought this would be the end,

However, a little light "girl" came up and told him that he can live with them.

The king smiled at the offer and went off.

Since then,

The light and dark,

Who sit it trees,

Lives happily and hides,

From people like me.

The ruler of everything...


  1. it was a fine poem. i had to read it twice to really understand. but i dont seem to understand the ending. explain!

  2. Since I'm dreaming of this they are hiding from me because I can change it since I'm the ruler of everything in my dream. You get it?