Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Stardust in the Forest 2

As the young feirie looked to the sky, she saw the stars that were blinding her vision. She squinted at the sky and saw a bright light that grew bigger. It even came closer to her.

She then got a little bit worried and started to back away. She was about to turn around and run, but she felt something touch her shoulder and calmly whispering "Don't worry. Your mother sent me."

Stardust turned around in alarm. She saw a young women, wearing her blonde hair in a ponytail. She also wore a very light yellow dress that was sparkling like the universe was imprinted on it. Her white eyes sparkled and started to water.

"Who are you? How do you know my mother? She died when I was five."

"I know, but your real mother is much alive, but..."

"Really? A...Alive? How can that be?"

"Well, I will answer any questions later. Your mother sent me since she knew that you never had your message yet."

Stardust was then speechless, waiting for what her real, alive mother sent her.

"Well, your past mother,the mother who you said died when you were five, it was acutally your adopted mother. She was the one who sent you this message."

Stardust got disappointed, however nodded.

The young women continued," Your mother says that even when she died, she will always be able to communicate with you. She wishes you health and happiness. Also, she hoped for you to cope with the hard ship of her leaving you at an early age. Your sister and father said that to always be true to your friends..."
Then, suddenly, they heard someone yelling in the distance, and thats when the messenger got startled and said in a rush,"I also wanted to say that for the future, watch your friend's back and I'm sorry but I have to leave. Your par...I mean friend, is coming into the forest right now to look for you."

The women turned around and started to disappear, but she disappeared half way, making her half-faded and whispered "We shall meet again. The next time I will see you would be when the sun shall be engulfed with shadow. When it does, say the words Star-Raly Skies at mid-night."

She then vanished completely. As Stardust stared at the place where the lady use to be, she heard someone yelling, but she now heard her name. She felt dazed and confused, so she ignored it. Soon, she heard panting and running from behind her.

"Stardust! I knew I would find you here." said a choaking, out of breath voice.

However, she just stood there and didn't move. The panting and running from someone went closer to her. She then felt someone grip her shoulder. Her hair then went up on end.

"Are you all right? Well, Zolraye senced that you left and we looked all over for you in Melenies. Please, say something!"

The hand on her shoulder spun her around forcefully. She saw a brown headed fairy, about her age, with ocean blue eyes. She realized half-awake that it was Nicholas. He had tears dripping on his face.

"Don't scare me again, ok? We all care about you. Please, just tell us if you go anywhere...Even me. I don't care for some strange reason you're not talking to me, I just want to let you know that I care about you really much... and I..."

He then chocked on his words and hugged Stardust tightly as he sobbed into her back, but she still stared cluelessly. However, the hug started to bring her back to reality and her eyes started to water too. She felt the hug warm her body deeply and her golden blood vibrated her skin. That was when she hugged Nicholas back. She hugged him which felt like hours, not wanting to let go. Like is she woke up from a dream, she then soon realized even more what she was doing and pushed him away. The push shocked Nicholas who fell to the floor confused.

"I'm fine all right! I was just...chatting with someone."she explained.

"Really? Who?" he answered startled.

"No one that I know. She just appeared. Telling me about her... anyways how is everyone else?"

"They are fine. Thanks for wondering, but who is this she?"

"I think....I think she is a star."

Nicholas didn't say anything else becuase thats when everyone else came; flying, they swooped to Stardust and Nicholas, everyone chatting at once. They all gave her a hug and a pat on the back to Nicholas.

As Everyone was flying back to her place to finish the sleepover, she explained everything what happened to her to everyone. Thats what made everyone start to chat except Nicholas. She knew something was wrong and decided to ask him in the morning.
When they came back to her place, she decided to let everyone sleep in one room this time because she didn't want to feel lonely. Everyone agreed and got all of their stuff, moving to the living room, besides Nicholas again, who just stood in the doorway. She then knew that it couldn't wait so she led him inside and asked to talk to him alone.
To be continued...(Maybe)


  1. funny, because this post happens to be right next to the picture i call "out yonder."

  2. huh. you're right. Oh, I get it because Stardust walked to the forest with the stars "leading" her in a sort of way. Teehee