Thursday, September 30, 2010

The War of Life

"The humans are the smartest ones," said the monkeys to the birds.

"But the humans aren't the biggest ones," said the elephants to the herds.

"The humans are the weirdest ones, and that's what makes them weird."

"But the humans aren't the liveliest ones," said the scrub jay to the world.

The animals agreed to this and chattered all at once.

"And the humans are the ruiners of this little world of sorrow us."

Everyone was silent to listen to her words.

"They have treated us like slaves and broke out global warming, and treasoned our forests to make homes all for themselves."

Everyone was breaking out into a big long chatter.

Suddenly into the world of free broke in the "traitor."

"Stop thy nonsense. Humans are good, and never did a thing," said he.

"Then I declare a war between you humans and true life!"

"But also then, we have technology of many types and sorts. You'll never have a chance to win against the humans with many retorts."

"Try me," said the scrub jay. "Let's see who wins this war. Lions will roar, bears will claw, hawk's talons will rip your thongs in half or more. Whoever wins this war will win the tree of life."

"Then it's just me against nature," said the human a bit scared with strife. "But don't forget, the humans are strong and barely lose their lives."

Later, billions of people with guns in their hands, called the word "fire!" and shot through the air, while the animals called "charge!"through the sound of the guns. But the humans were strong, and the animals fled.

Just as a bomb, as light as a nickle, appeared on the ground

The scrub jay had dragged it and dropped, then a flare

Outbroke and killed lots of people

Throughout the whole world!

Most of them were injured down to the bone.

"To thy lives we surrender! Tis' thee to be free! We will be part of the world of the free!"

And so after that, the humans all worked, and lived in the forests with the birds and the bees.

They worked for nature while it worked for them, too.

Life was again, sanguine, this time all the way through.