Monday, September 13, 2010

Zxero: Wandering Off

Zxero didn't really care that it was now "apprentice," or more likely "slave" to the Universe God. It went on with its wandering, and other slaves (which weren't very many) began to wonder where Zxero was off to all the time. The slave, Renne warned the Universe God about this and he became angry when he caught Zxero off on its wandering. Zxero didn't seem to be bothered.

The Universe God beat it very hard, using powers that were meant to cause more pain than any god could handle, and that would kill any mortal in an instant. Zxero felt no pain. The Universe God became furious after awhile of attempting to hurt Zxero. He finally gave up and trapped Zxero in a powerful room that no one could escape. That still didn't stop it from wandering off.
Meanwhile, Renne, who had also been beaten very hard was also being trained. He was gaining much power, and would most likely become the new Universe God. Zxero wrote a tale of this. It was the tale where Renne needed to complete three hard tests in order to become the new Universe God.
"Renne," said the Universe God. "Do you accept this challenge?"
Eagerly, Renne bowed and spoke slowly and clearly, "yes master."

The tests required going out beyond the atmosphere of the entire planet, and finding things. But Renne found that he was up against more than just the challenge-- he was up against other gods who were wanting to become the new Universe God.

Zxero finished this tale in the room it was trapped in, and decided it was about time to go on to another tale. So it wandered around, not intending to find anything, but somehow found a way out. It calmly wandered away from the Universe God's castle as if it were back at "home," doing the usual things it would do.

When the Universe God discovered Zxero's disappearence, he was furious. But he calmed down when he begen to assure himself that Zxero would never be found, after all. Of course, when it wandered, there would be no hope in tracking it down. Renne offered to look for Zxero, for he was failing at almost all the tests, and wanted to do something that no other god could do. The Universe God said, "Then go and try to find Zxero. If you fail, the penalty will be death." It seemed unfair, but Renne knew-- worthless gods needed do "die" and go to mortality.

Zxero walked along, humming again that familiar tune, yet it wasn't humming at all. It seemed to be making its own symphony through its mind that only the imaginitive ones could hear. Zxero had no voice. How did it talk? It didn't talk. It would send a messege through its mind to however many people or things it wanted, and they would see what it was speaking of. It didn't speak through its mind with a voice. It only spoke with letters that somehow, something could read through its mind.

The forest it walked through was dark and hazy, with the early sunlight strands of the morning poking at the leaves. For awhile, it walked in silence. There was no sound but the quiet rustling of leaves. The little glowing spores that were released during the evening and morning were floating above, forming a meandering pathway of light. Zxero looked up. It walked along slowly and crookedly until it came to a cliff. Leading off the cliff was a tiny trail that seemed like miles above the ground. Below the cliff was a thin film of fog. Zxero didn't hesitate, and walked the skinny trail miles off the ground.

At the end of the trail, there was another trail that was bigger, and intersected the small one. It was a water trail that supposedly led to the Sea of Travellers. There was a boat at the end of the skinny trail that rested atop the water. Zxero climed into the boat, and undid the knots at the sails. The sails unraveled like a silk veil in the wind. The wind was an Eurus, coming from the east, and Zxero began to travel west towards the sea. It was now a free wanderer, and nothing would stop it.

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