Sunday, October 31, 2010

Angel of Darkness part 1 of 3

As Yalli thinks in her head deeply, she looks up to Locka who has energy in his eyes. She then says "I'm sorry. I'm just not sure if I want to stay."

Locka then looks harshly at her, but then says in a gentle voice "I understand, but I was hoping that you would stay for the celebration."

"What celebration?"

"Well, today, all of the people in our land go and just have fun. Don't worry, today is going to be mild. The extreme party was a week ago, so it's just a lighting if candles to tell the truth, but it's a big deal in my land. After, all the candles are lit, we have a feast and party til ten. The extreme one is...well I don't want to say since the little one is here."

His sister than becomes cross, but he adds "Oh it's going to be so much fun! You must stay!"

She thinks a bit as he stares hopeful at her and she nods, "Sure". He smiles and continues "Ok, great! So we should leave right now because it starts in about ten minutes. Sister we are going to need your assistance."

She smiles happily, yet micheviously and held both her brother's and Yalli's hand as she closes her eyes. Locka then grabs Yalli's other hand and forms a circle. He looks at Yalli and instructs "Hold tight."

Yalli grips tight to his hand and with a jerk the room flies past them as the surrounding goes away in a flash. She flies like she was flying fast as a jet with no limits. She gets exicited and almost let go of their hands. Then, their is another jerk and she makes everyone fall as they landed. They fall into a field of grass. There is also a big palace made of stones that has green mold growing on it in the middle of the sea of grass. The stars in the night sky helps her see the markings that shows people and figures on the bulidings. One of the figures, that Yalli stares at foundingly, looks a bit like her.

Locka then helps her and holds his sister in his arms. He leads Yalli inside the palace where she sees that it's lit up with dim candles. She sees other people inside that has their hoods on as they are looking into a little brown book filled with pictures. The pictures are moving and talking, saying a story to each person that is different for each person. The characters from each book however looked the same. There is a girl with a light red dress, had her brown hair in a braid, and her green eyes made her look young and an old man who has a gray cloak with wrinkles that covers his eyes and would hit the ground angrily with his short, wooden cane.

"This way." Locka says to Yalli. She then looks to Locka and sees him holding a door open for her. She runs through the door and there is a room filled with closets. Then, Locka and Mearle, sleeping on his shoulder, comes in while shutting the door.

"Open the closet." he whispers.

She then looks to the closet closest to her. She then opens the door and inside is a cloak, black dress, black pants, and black shoes.

"Put them on. Don't worry about me. I won't look."

She then gets a little nervous and decides to put the dress on last. She takes her shoes off, closes her jacket, and starts undressing. She would look at the corner of her eyes as she undresses carefully under her jacket. When her pants and shoes were on, she then realizes that the dress has a zipper on the back.

She has no choice but she puts the dress on in the closet. It's cramped in the small, low ceiling, closet, but she manages just fine. When she gets the dress halfway on her body, she suddenly felt wind blowing around her. She sees the doors behind her open and she is blown out. She is lucky at that point that Locka's sister is there now. She is dressed and helps Yalli get her dress on. She zipps her dress all the way up, of course with some diffcultly, and helps put the cloak on. The cloak has a golden symbol on the front. It shows a man who was holding a dragon in his hands. The dragon looks dead as it stuck it's tongue that dangles from its mouth. Yalli frowns as she sees the design on the cloak.

"Who's this?" she asks Mearle.

"It's the king." she answers coldly.

When she is done, they go outside the door. There, Locka waits for them. He's wearing a black suit with a tie and pants that gets covered by the jacket he wears with it. He looks nice and clean. Yalli didn't even reconize him. He then comes over to them and smiles at her.

"So you're ready?"he asks.

She nods and then Locka helps Yalli put the hood over her head.

"We need to do this because one, you're not married and two, I think you're fourteen and when you are fourteen and older, you need to put the hood on. The man of the household do this to protect the young ladies because boys my age are appreantly hurtful by just looking at you guys. So, it's just for saftey reasons."

She nods a hard yes through her cloak for understanding and follows them back to the room where she sees the hooded people. She then wonders if they are all fourteen and older girls under those cloaks as she counts six that are in the room. There are also people who didn't wear cloaks too, but the girls with cloaks attracts her eyes the most. As she looks around, Locka gets seats two rows from the back.

As she waits for what is to come, she then sees a young boy coming in. He wears a similar suit like Locka's wearing and he has short blue hair. He smiles and nods to everyone.

"Greetings. I'm Roy and I shall lead the ceremony. If you follow me, we shall take the light the candles with us tonight espically since today is suppose to be the darkest day of the year."

Everyone then gets out of their seats and follows him to thr front door.

"If you all please get a candle and come with me outside that will be great." he instructs.

Then, everyone floats a candle in between thier hands except Yalli who looks around nervously.

"Oh, don't worry miss." Roy calls to Yalli. "I will hold your candle if you don't wish to."

He then gets the candle and makes it float in his hands. as well.

"Ok, now everyone follow me outside."

To be continued...


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