Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Angel of Darkness part 2

As the angel soon wakes from her long sleep, she sees she is in a very dark and dim room. The room smelt of smoke that came from a fire. The wall's grey paint were pealing off the walls and had scratches on them.

As she realized that the room wasn't her bedroom, she got up with a start. She saw a crib next to her. It was empty with a black notebook. As she got up to touch it, she suddenly heard a scream and a yell saying "Don't touch that you angel!"

She turned around and saw a little girl. Her eyes were bright, firey orange, her black dress was in shreds and her white stockings were filled with holes. She ran with her red pony tail following her behind. She grabbed the notebook, hiding words that said Mearle's Book of Internal Thinking.

"Don't worry about her. She is very protective about her belongings. " said a voice.

The angel saw a tall Boy in the doorway. He seemed to be sixteen, had long black hair with red streaks that was flipped to the side. He had ripped pants with chains hanging to the side that was clipped to his bat wings. He also wore a blood-stained, black shirt. He looked at the angel with soft brown eyes.

"Hi. I'm sorry if you had a hard time up-their." he said pointing to the ceiling.

She looked at him confused, then widened her eyes.

"I'm in the world below Heaven? Below the mortal world?!"she said surprised.

He nodded confused at her.

"I heard you cry a few times that you wanted to know who you are, so I brought you to your dad's homeland..."

"Wait! How do you know my dad?"

"Everyone does. He is the king of the land and you being his daughter, you must lead us..."

"I'm not suppose to lead! My mother said that she didn't marry a king!"

"She did know." the girl inturrepted',"But she was too scared to tell you."

The angel was then silent and shoved her head into her hands. She then felt a hand on her shoulder.

"Please. You need to lead us. Our new king burned my mother's house and killed my father. The only person I have left is my sister and she is still going to school. I'm sure your sister and brother will be scared if they were in a situation like this. You are my... I mean our only hope."

She then looked to the boy, seeing her reflection in his eyes.

Am I truely a leader of this land?

"Well, if you don't trust him," said the young girl,"Did you smell the smoke when you woke up? I would believe that's the only proof you need."

She then nodded to the girl and looked to the boy.

"I need to think, but before I feel settled with you guys, can you at least tell me your names."

The boy then got up and looked down at her, "I'm Locka Tivsh. My sister is Mearle Tivsh. What is your name?"

"Oh, I'm Yalli Cloud. I'm an half-angel, half-dark being."

"You mean demon, evil, stupid creature that you angels want to treat us like dirt!"

"No, I never heard any angel say that."

"Your mother does in her sleep." the girl interjected.

"She doesn't..."

"She does. We can hear her mumble it every night."

"Wait, how do you know all about me and my family?"

"Well, we have been...um..erg..." the boy mumbled

"Spying, stalking, peeping on your lives, you know that thing." said the girl micheviously.

"You have?"

The boy stared at Yalli in the eyes very hard.

"We had to. It was on the orders of the king and when I heard your mother talk to you about you being part dark being, I realized that you must be the person who need to lead us. I'm sorry if your upset with us. I can understand this."

She stared at him with sorrow for some reason. Her dark side feeling sad about him being up in Heaven.

"It's okay."she says.

He then nods and asks "Will you lead us then?"

She then looked down and her mind puzzled as she wondered in her mind for the right answer.

To be continued...


  1. nice second part. =) that yalli must be confused as hail.

  2. yep she is, but it will be awhile for her to decide.