Saturday, October 9, 2010

Angel of Darkness

In the land of heaven is where the angel lives...
As she wandered alone in the bright land, she walked on clouds. She has the power to make light, she is supposely the kindest person in the land of clouds. However , people still hate her.

She doesn't know why, but her mother says it's her fault. She says when she was younger, she married to a dark being of the world below her land. Her mother said that he saved her life, but she didn't go on about it. She always would change the subject to even breath if to go even further then that. Just to sum it up, her mother says she is half dark, half light.

So, she has a hard time to live without anyone giving her looks or stares. Even someone almost killed her. The person gave her a potion to drink, but when she accidently dropped it as she was about to put it to her lips, it burned the ground and killed the life that surrounded her.

So, she decides today to just stay home for safety reasons. She looked at the window all day and watched the sun rise and stay in the sky for a long time. The sun made her feel at peace, yet it made some part of her wanting to hide and scram into a dark corner. She knew it was her dark feelings from her dad. She looked at her hands everytime she felt like this, wondering if her father felt like this.

She suddenly heard laughter of her younger sister and brother in the other room. She turned and thought about them being normal. They were made from pure light, so they were considered as angels. She knew that she is an angel too, but she is not sure anymore if she is also a dark being: an angel of darkness.

She walked out of the door of her room, dragging her feet to her mother's bedroom. She went in and layed on top of her mother who then pushed her off and said "Can you stop doing that Yalli, you are just like him!"

Yallius, short for Yalli, then got off and backed out of the door saying "Good afternoon. I'm going to stay home today."

Her mother answered her with a grunt and ordered her to watch the kids. Yalli did what she was told, but wished to be alone at that moment. She then went into the living room, looked at her brother and sister with her deep, red eyes. They who wore white while she wore pale white with black streaks.

They stared at her with smiles and then looked away, but she still stared at them. She saw them having halos on their heads. Yalli tried to feel for her halo, but she didn't have one. She also for the first time felt for horns. She then stood in shock, there was none.

She then backed away from the room and ran to her mother. She screamed at her "How could you! You said I was an angel, but I am fourteen and I still don't have a halo! I don't even have horns! I don't know what I am!"

Her mother stared at her dumb-found.

"What are you talking about? If your not an angel, you won't even be able to live up here."

She then breathed deeply, rapidly and ran out of the room screaming "I don't know what I am and probably never will because of you!"

She then ran out of the house with her brother and sister opening the door after her. She ran across the land with calling from angels, saying she was evil or angels staring at her in disgust. She cried and screamed as she ran and went into a forest. She went into the deepest part, which was the darkest part of the forest. She looked at her hands again, seeing them as killers and wanted to strangle someone. She yelled to the sky in rage and swiped at the air like a manic. She then clenched her head and sobbed to herself "I'm so confused."

She fell to the ground crying and felt blood prickle her skin. The crying made her relax which made her fell to a deep, forgiving sleep...

As she slept deeply, someone was walking in the forest and saw her wining in her sleep. The person felt sad for her and picked her up in it's arms. It smiled and whispered "I know you have a hard time in this world and I shall show you mine."

The person then vanished with her into the unknown.

To be continued.


  1. she shall find what she truly is...

  2. thats the idea. She will find out if she really is an angel or a demon.
    However though, she will learn that she is both and has to accept it.