Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Moonlit Revels of the Gypsy Queene

The gypsy queene was lean.  She had the most feminine body ever seen.  But Kali was straight as a stick, and no gypsies adored "it."  Kali eyed the gypsy queene with a stare as blank as mist.  The gypsy queene stopped the caravan.  She stood beside it with a disgusted glare.
"Who is this?" said she.
Kali said nothing.
The gypsy queene laughed.  "I see you don't speak much.  Are you a traveller?  Are you lost?"
"I speak the words in which come from your mouth, for you are a part of me," said Kali.
The gypsy queene laughed again, but then began to look confused.  "Very well, clever one.  I guess you think you can outsmart I, Moelle the ruler of gypsies."
"If you say so," said Kali.  "I am one who happens to know these lands, and I say that you're the one who's traveling and getting lost."
Moelle eyed Kali, trying to hide the truth that she and her clan of gypsies really were lost.  "Lost?  A gypsy is never lost.  They are always on the move," she said.
"True," said Kali.  "And that, though, makes you lost because you live nowhere at all, just as I."
Moelle tensed a little but said nothing.  She turned to the caravan where the gypsies were peeking out the windows.  "We will stay here for tonight.  Tomorrow we shall go to another place."
"And steal?" Kali finished for her.  "Of course.  You certainly have to steal from the place in which you stay at if you want food.  Since you mortals can't survive without food, you have to steal for a living."
"You don't know that!" snapped Moelle.  She grabbed her long, thin sword from the sash around her waist and struck it at Kali.  Kali simply stepped to the side and stared a blank stare.  The other gypsies began to chant for them to fight, but Moelle hushed them.
"If you want, since it is what you want, we shall have a dance of swords to compete to see who is the better," said Kali.  "Though even if you win, I will technically be both the winner and loser, for everything goes both ways."
Moelle had a spark of mischief in her eye.  "Why, you read mind.  And you even mentioned doing the most dangerous dance known to man.  Let us see how well you can do it."
Moelle turned to the crowd of gypsies who were anxious to see the sword dance be performed by their queene verses the mysterious stranger, Kali.
"Tonight, when the moon is at its fullest, me and this stranger will perform this sword dance." She turned to Kali.  "And we will see who is the one to survive."

The night was falling, and the moon was beginning to peek from behind the dark clouds.  Kali wore its usual dress ware, while Moelle changed into the fanciest dress she had.  Zxero was beside Kali.  Zxero was like Kali, for it also had the blank expression.
"It doesn't matter if you or Moelle win, for you will always be both winner and loser of everything, yet nothing at all," Zxero wrote.
"True, yet not true," Kali said.  "Everything goes both ways."
Zxero took a sword out from mid air.  It handed the sword to Kali and nodded.  As Kali took it, it saw that Moelle had already begun practicing the steps and the sword slashes.  She eyed Kali as it approached.
"I see you made it and you did not chicken out and run away," Moelle said impressed.  Kali smiled mischievously and said not a word of reply.  Before anyone could give a queue, one of the gypsies began to drum a special beat on the percussion.  Then the music began.  Moelle began the dance with a series of impressive spins.  Kali began with only a simple stance with the sword in its left hand.  No one cared to see that.  But when Moelle began to strike at Kali, Kali began to do simple steps that somehow managed to keep Moelle from touching it.  Moelle looked peeved.  She struck even harder, losing the balance of the dance beat.  Kali finally began to let her actually hit it.  When Moelle struck a blow, the sword pierced through the spot in which was supposed to be Kali's heart.
     Moelle was breathless when she found that her enemy was not affected by the strike to the heart.  She tried to see if there was a weak spot on Kali, as she danced along back on track with the song.  She finally did a series of flips, while Kali was spinning.  In the crowd, the gypsies were utterly shocked.  They had never seen one who could not be killed by a sword.  They began to chant for the queene, and also to Kali.  They could not decide who was the better.  As the song came to a conclusion, Kali began to rise up into the air as it did a series of complicated steps and moves.  Everyone was amazed.  Even Moelle stopped dancing as she watched Kali and the amazing dance it did.
     The song ended there.  There was silence as Kali lowered its arms and became still.  It finally began to lower back down to the ground where Moelle was standing.  Moelle was speechless, and she suddenly kneeled to the floor.  When she did so, the rest of the gypsies followed.
"Oh, master of dancers.  Oh, mysterious stranger which I was unwise to have underestimated.  I kneel before you.  You are the true ruler of gypsies," Moelle cried.
Kali looked down at her.  Its eyes grew smaller and it began to laugh. "Haven't you figured out already that I am Nothing in the form of the Alternative One?  I have also lost the sword dance!"  



  1. hah. thats interesting. So kali lost at the same time won

  2. yeah, it's a little twist at the end, yet we ourselves know what to expect in a way. other people wouldn't really expect it as much.

  3. yep, but it explains itself while Kali talks to the gypsy queene.