Friday, October 22, 2010

The Most Powerful Moment...

As the night crept in
In came imagining.
In a world of sorrow and fear
Yet happiness and victory.

The war of gods stretched far beyond the wanderer could ever imagine.
The wanderer was us.
Us, three of a kind.
For the wanderer is everything everywhere
Yet nothing at all.

The wander krept out of us
Our imaginations forged together
To build a story most powerful to us.
The wanderer brought our minds in.

The wanderer made us one
And we became the wanderer, itself.
We created a story together as one
And our imaginations stretched far beyond the world.

We used power beyond all powers
The power of our stories.
And we built a story together
That connected to us.
To our lives...

But I feared at the end this was the last...
The last of our connections
Yet I knew we would always be connected at heart and in imagination.
We would always imagine different ways.

But we would always remember that powerful moment in our lives
When our minds were connected.
We would remember the story in which we created by the music that played to our hearts.
Even if we had not made a big deal of that moment right after,
In my heart
It will always be my most powerful moment ever to this wandering mind we all hold... 

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