Monday, October 18, 2010

A Poem of Thinking

The world makes me mad,

I wish to run and hide for I fear the inside,

The outside and everywhere on the far side.

Why do people have emotions,

When it ruins our lives?

Yet at the same time,

It makes us who we are.

Is the heart the source of feelings?

But the brain always conflicts in what we think,

Or is my thinking wrong?

When I guess nervous, I twitch and fidgit.

How do release your nerves?

We all in some way,

But again,

I wish I didn't.

Life is confusing and twisted,

Yet it is simple as the sky.

I hope you not scrambling for hours when you stare at the stars,

Because it's an answer we all know inside.

Now look at your friends,

Your true friends.

Now think how they are,

Why they are like this?

See in your dreams,

The true values of you.

See when you dream,

Is this the real you,

Or a "you" that you didn't even know?

Just look inside ourselves,

And see what you want to see,

Or is it what I want to see?


  1. yike! the world is nasteh.... (kidding. i actually dont have an opinion on the world. im just saying things)

  2. then on the other hand, we all have opinons on the world. But then we csn have no opinion so now I'm confused.

  3. the ones with large minds always have opinions on the world, yet their instincts just live on the way life is brought to them, not worrying about a meaning to life.