Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Questions Never Answered

Each of us have questions
Don't we?
We want to find an answer.

Some questions are answered
But some are not
For none of human kind knows all.

We are curious and like to learn
And we think about life.
We think we know the answer to its meaning.

Each meaning we give it is from our individual perspectives
And that's what makes up the Nothingness.
The Everythingness.

How everything perceives life makes up what it is.
So wether something has a perspective on life or not
You live your life the way you see it.

The way things are
Ones that think
Ones that don't think
Ones that are not "living,"

All are there
And no matter if all is an illusion or not
Everything will always be there.

Yet not there at all...