Saturday, October 30, 2010

Return of the Mistress of Bird Thieves

On the island of Mountain Rouge, there stood a person with a black bird mask, me,  who looked of about sixteen years of age, when it really was that I was ageless.  I was of another time in another universe.  Where I had lived, there was no dimension of time.  Humans would think that impossible, but think of the other dimension of reality, which is our imaginations.
    I had returned after giving an expensive spear back to the island of Mountain Rouge-- my home.  My companions, Jade, Matt, and Max had traveled with me to another island off Mountain Rouge, made up of forests and a large inactive volcano.  We had traveled there, not intending to run into any danger, until we got trapped in a cave.  We traveled the cave, trying to find a way out.  I had powers, but they weren't strong enough to get us out.  We found a magical spear as we traveled, and of course, I had to steal it because it was shiny.  We weren't meaning to go and destroy a "stupid" man who wanted to get rich by stealing Mountain Rouge and stripping it of its fine gold.  He had, in fact, stolen the spear which belonged to the City of Mountain Rouge.
     The three, Jade, Matt, and Max began to find that my stealing abilities were also used for good.  And after I had returned, the three soon discovered who I really was.  I was from a different world, called Zheclanavia, which was a world of gods.  I wore a black bird mask and never took it off because of the markings on my face.  The markings would give me away.  But the three found out my secret anyway.

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