Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Stardust- The Star Consoul

In a land called Melenies, Stardust, a feirie that is eighteen years in human years woke in the early morning. She couldn't take sleeping. It was too hard since she learned of a hard truth. A truth that she can't understand what to do. If only she didn't had that sleepover, she told herself over and over again.

When everyone came to finish a sleep-over after she was found by Nicholas, She went to talk with him because he wasn't acting right. She lead him to her room. When she shut the door behind her, it became dead silent. Her tongue was in knots and she knew Nicholas wouldn't start, so she forcefully asked "What is wrong, Nicholas? I never seen you act like this."
He just stared at her in the a face, giving her a dead look. He curled his lips and looked to the floor nervously.

"Is that all you are going to say? You afraid that I will bite? You know I won't."
He shook his head and said dryly "You remember the time in the forest when I said to always tell me where you go."

She looked confused at him, but however nodded.

"Well, the reason I said that because I..."
Suddenly, someone knocked on the door.
"Nicholas, are you in there? Open up now!"demanded a shrill voice.
Stardust opened the door and in the doorway stood a girl with orange hair who was wearing a red velvet dress and her brown eyes swiftly going from side to side. It was no one other then Nicholas's sister, Marie. She stared at both of them and took Nicholas by the arm.

"I know you want to sleepover here, but I won't allow it tonight."

She then was dragging Nicholas by the arms when he pulled her away. He looked at Stardust hard in the face.

"Stardust, I just want to say that I like you. I can't hide it anymore. If I do, I think I'll explode."

He then came closer to her loooking deeply into her eyes. She tried to look away, but was locked in his stare. They looked at each other and did so for awhile. It went on for five minutes, just staring, drinking in the gazes they gave each other.

By the time they came to their sences, they didn't see Marie anymore. They were completely alone in Stardust's room. He grabbed her hand, but she wanted to wack it out. She didn't though.

She felt his golden blood pumping in her hand, making hers pump even faster. She then felt him get close to her lips.

Then everything happened so fast. She fell to the floor, saw everything spinning around her and only saw a bright light. She heard voices whispering to her, not making clear that she was still in her room. She saw tall figures standing around her, whispering to her, some shouting at her.

"What happened child? Did he hurt you in any way?" said one of them.

She looked to one who said it. It was a tall fairy, wearing a bright yellow cloak that covered its entire body besides its brown boats. Even though Stardust didn't know who it was, she felt her Nothing side saying she knew the figure. She then realized who it was.

"I think I met you before."

The figure grinned under its cloak and took its hood off. It turned out to be the star lady who gave Stardust advice.

"Yes, you had. I guess we met a little too early. Won't you agree?"

Stardust nodded, but then the star lady then changed the subject when Stardust let her guard down.

"So, why did you let Nicholas..."

"He didn't do anything!"

"So why did he do it the then?"

"He said he liked me."

"How do you know he wasn't lying? He was maybe trying to get through your defenses."

"He wouldn't! Just stop talking about him. Where am I?"

"You are in the Star Consoul For Young Aged Adults. It's for when the star fairy comes here to be put to death if their defenses get weak. In all throughout history, almost every star feirie gets abused by non-star feiries. The only one that didn't was acutally your mother."

"Liar! I doubt my mother was the only one that didn't get used!"

"Maybe your right, but then you could be wrong." said another feirie who was wearing a long red cloak.

"Maybe your mother died because of that crystal feirie."

"Leave my father out of this! He didn't do anything. My mother died from giving birth to my sister and you know it!"

"Well then what happened to your father? He was gone the very next day. Was he disappointed that your mother wasn't alive to figure out about our secret?"

Stardust was then angry than ever, but she tried to hold it in by saying"What secret?"
"The secret to be able to speak to stars and see the stars in other feirie's bodies." said a small feire ie in a green cloak.

"Does anybody else has that power?"

"Nobody I know besides us and Nothing."

Stardust stared at the three cloaked people, dtermined to prove her families and Nicholas's innocience.
"Well, I don't see a big problem with feiries knowing about our 'secret' and I know that can trust Nicholas. He was always there for me. He cares about me ever since we first met and Nothing won't be able to change it. Even if it tried and I know it can, it would if I give Nothing the chance. However, if Nothing is able to know that I am a good feirie and Nicholas is a good feirie, I don't see any reason besides it want to mess with me would it even want to change me. Also, for my family, they didn't do anything and my dad didn't abuse her He was the opposite: kind, sweet, and caring,. So, please change your ways. Their are less evil in this world." Stardust explained.
All of the three cloaked figures looked to each other. They were whispering to each other, their backs back to Stardust who was feeling nervous.They soon finally nodded and said "You may go and live the way you wish."

Then everything became spinning around her and found herself on the floor, with Nicholas, kneeling beside her. She saw him grew a smile and hugged her weeping "Oh, I thought you were going to leave us forever."

When he said that she, she then saw everyone else standing around, realizing why he said everyone instead of himself. She then was lifted off the floor with help from Zolraye who made her float back to her bed.

She wanted to tell everyone about what happened, but fell asleep the moment she floated down onto the bed.

To not be continued...
(kidding! Well maybe.)

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