Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A Story of Morality

Quite a time ago
Living far away
There, ceased in the fires of Modloke was a wizard.
The wizard was not old
Nor young, that you may say
He was light and dark and good and bad!
and for that had been cast away...
For that very reason, many a time ago
He had been cast away.
He lived up in a snowy mountain
Inside a tiny cave.
Though cold as it was, the caves of fire swiftly burnt the days.
And so once upon a time
Many a time ago
He spotted something in the sky.
It was a figure in dainty wear who leapt down from the night.
"Who dares come forth my mighty cavern," the worn old wizard said.
"For I shall seek the fire beast to snatch up your fine head."
"Nothing fine about it," the figure said at once. "For I am Nothing, in the form of what you call the great 'Alternative One.'"
The wizard was in shock
And was twisted in his stare.
His light and dark and good and bad had stirred up in the air.
"I know what you are," said the Alternative One. "And you should be proud of it.
There's no such thing as 'right and wrong' so go off on prove it."
The wizard now understood quite well and thanked the Alternative One.
He went from his mountain of Modloke to prove his worth to the world.
The Alternative One
The being of all
The one that had been a guide.
Also was the one against him.
The wizard would've never known to find.


  1. thats really cool that the Alternate One wonders to so many different places

  2. I'm not sure if you did it on purpose, but when you read it aloud, it has a rhythm to it. Heehee