Monday, November 8, 2010

 I ran and I could not stop, yet my heart longed to rest and rest forever more.  My feet continued to run by instinct, but my mind longed to have my soul be released from my body forever.  The little light of the rising sun crept up behind me.  My heart pounded, and my soul longed to be free from me forever.  I finally turned around and glanced at the first peak of sun.  I was ready for the death of me.  The goddess of the sun would take my life and my soul would be at peace.  I saw the little flicker hope that somehow kept me living, but I avoided it.
"I shall die knowing I avoided hope, and that it only dies with me, but continues to live with other people."
Hope fought and struggled.  It ripped and screamed as Death only laughed.  I parted Hope and sided death.
"You have a life to live!" screamed Hope.  "Yet you waste me away and take sides with death!"
I only stared ahead at the sun as Hope appeared before me.  Her eyes twinkled like stars.
"I am still here," she said.  "Don't betray me now."
But Death had taken form of the sun.  He rose, and would only rise higher.  Shadow, in which I had loved so began to disappear.
"You have chosen, little one, and I do not try to stop you from your choices.  But you will die anyway when you do grow old,"
My mind fluttered with thought.  I did not want to think.  My instincts made me continue to live, yet they would also make me die in the end.  My tears rushed down my face as I decided wether to live or not.  My instincts thrashed at me and cried as they longed to keep my soul inside me.  But then, my mind kept thinking about complicated philosophies.  It trampled the instincts and tried to push my soul out.  My heart thumped as the sun edged closer and closer to me.  I closed my eyes and saw Hope battling Death.  The sun would kill me and I was going to lose the soul within.  My instincts fought hard, and took my heart on a rush, as my mind pushed hard to free me from myself.
Then everything went silent.
I opened my eyes and saw Nothing and Everything.  They were there.  They were me, and I rushed to them.  They became my mind, my body, and my soul, and I reached out to them.  Now I figured out slowly that many things made up my life.  I took both Hope and Death from my mind and became the Nothingness itself.  I took the emotions out of me, then I awakened.  I awakened within Death.  I had gone with what happened, neither accepting nor not accepting.  And whatever happened, happened, and I nor anybody else used their senses to see it.

"To accept or not accept..."


  1. thats interesting... So she died, yet she didn't. Wierd, reminds me of the story that I wrote yesturday

  2. I know its way different,MANLADY, but it somhow does for me. Let me tell you something. As I was writing my story, I was thinking that they should die, but it didn't feel right for me too. So this is why I made a wierd way for her to live, but do you remember the particles that were left behind? If you think about it, in a way the top of her finger is dead. So a small part of her body died, but she, in reality,is still living.

  3. ach, mate. its all good. yours is of wantin' t' die for one another, while mines is of... well... it doesnt have a meaning. it just randomly happened. it aint a big matter t' meh. =)