Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Magic's Tail- a new trilogy storyline

When Haidi Byrd comes to Magic's Tail Skoo as a wizard of Balance and Time, she finds three new friends.  She and two of her friends, Mira Lyitte, and Griffin Lyitte begin to notice strange things happening within the "Great Kingdom," a galaxy created by wizards who wanted to escape from the planet, Zanthe.  They notice that light and dark are beginning to stir, and unnatural things occur in the Great Kingdom.
          Meanwhile, Rowan Blade is a wanderer in the skoo, and mostly likes to stay isolated, but she meets a dragon called Zxero, who helps her with magic.  Rowan writes books about occurrences in the Great Kingdom.  She makes them up herself, but she doesn't know that the things she writes come to life.  Maybe imagination is the most powerful magic in the wizard's world...  

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