Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Memories of the East Autumn


I like to stare at the falling orange leaves.
They peacefully glide to the ground
And I hear them touch the ground
For it is so silent.
I love to watch the migrating birds fly by.
They fill me with joy and sorrow
For they must leave until next year.
I cry 
And I know I will miss autumn.
But I also know that each season is special to me.
The wonderful whiteness of winter.
The plentiful flora of spring.
The beautiful green of the summer.
The chilling winds of autumn.
And each season fills me with happiness.
The last of the birds fly by
And I curl up by the fire.
The maple tree sheds its last leaves
And I smile.
The tree isn't there to just give shade.
It is there
Like everything else on Earth.
The west is almost season-less, unemotional.
But the east is filled with color
And filled with emotion.
I miss the autumn
And so it warms me
to think that it is
Forever by my side.