Saturday, November 13, 2010

My Greatest Pet Peeve

I can tell she thinks she's special
And I sense it through my mind.
I do not speak when she speaks
For I know she thinks she's "wise."
She doesn't think like the others
For that's why she is what she is.
You may think I'm complaining
But go ahead and think again.
I am my own pet peeve
And I hate it when I am.
I do not speak to others
For I know I will say something "wise" in return.
So think again of other people
I know that for a fact.
And even if you do care for others
That doesn't mean everyone is the same
While you are different.
I was put through that test...


  1. interesting... I wonder if you are talking about me when I read the line about helping others. You may not intended to put it that way, but that is what I saw in this poem.

  2. idk. i wrote it to represent........ PEOPLE IN GENERAL.... i guess

  3. you know... people like meh... =)

  4. well... never mind. i just got inspired to write it. i didnt mean to offend anyone =/ merp... ~>