Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Zaeren Ascending: ch1

The reason why where living
is because--- We’re living.  It is because we are being; yet we’re not here at all.  It is because of many things, yet nothing at all.  There is a reason why everything is here and there, yet there is also no reason.  It is how the ones with a brain perceive life, is what makes up what life “truly” is.
            You look out a window and you see life.  You see the trees, grass, mountains, city, sky, and so on.  You may think that everything was created by god, or just happened to be there.  Both of those opinions are as true as anything--- for that’s life perceived in your own way.
            But in this story, this is about the “other dimension” of two writers from the real world in the form of “The Wandering One.” In this little part of the other dimension, (which, by the way is made up of all imaginations of all living things with brains) there are such things as “zaerens.”
Zaerens are the ones who are made up of the things you see, the trees, grass, mountains, city, sky, and so on.  They are like faeries, but also like gods, for powers come easily to them.  They aren’t necessarily little people with wings, for they are all the things you see in your life.  The zaerens are made up of life itself.  In the form of a person, though, they are made up of a soul and nothing more than that.  They are pretty much like the gods of my other dimension, for they are made up of whatever they represent, but instead of being made up of nothingness, they are made of a soul that is made up of nothingness.  (Quite confusing it is).
 But as you get to know the story, you will think more.  You will begin to understand the ways of my “other dimension,” and if you ever wrote a book in your life, I will read and begin to understand your other dimension, for the whole other dimension of reality is made up of all imaginations.
And so I finish this short chapter to say that however you perceive life, is what the zaerens are.  What are zaerens?  Make up your mind and you’ll see.


  1. i am finally typing the first zaeren ascending book, in hope that i can publish it soon. =)