Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Zaeren Ascending: ch2

Two zaerens
had traveled for miles, about a mile per hour, and sixteen hours a day.  They hadn’t gotten nearly enough rest as they expected, for they were too worked up about finding a new home.  It was nighttime now, and they were quarrelling about the last berries of the season.  One of the zaerens, Yin, who represented the dark side, was watching over her sister, Yang, as she collected the last of the blue berries.  Yang had almost dropped a berry, and Yin told her to wash it.  Yang had told her that she most certainly had not dropped it, and that the berries did not need washing.  Yin spoke back and said that the berries had been there for a long time, and they would never know what could’ve happened to them.  That was when they had weird thoughts that the berries could’ve been urinated on in the past.  (Certainly something zaerens couldn’t care less about, though Yin and Yang were obsessive).
         When the two zaerens were too tired to fight anymore, they travelled on in silence, as the crickets called, and the night birds were doing their own duties.  Yang had begun to worry.
“I have a feeling that the universes are aligned.  My stomach is edgy,” she said.
“Nay!” Said Yin.  “You are crazy to believe in that ‘Kali’ stuff.  Those are children’s myths.  Besides, the universes wouldn’t be aligned, because they are supposed to be aligned in two months.  Maybe you’re just scared of the dark.  Oooh…”
Yang gave her sister a disgusted glare and went on ahead of her, groaning to herself.  “You know I’m not scared of the dark,” she said.  “It’s you that I’m scared of!”
Her tone was of a tease, and Yin could see that.
         The two continued to fly side by side in dead silence.  Up ahead, there was a strange light, flickering through the trees.  The two became curious almost immediately.  They approached the light.
“It’s probably just some people camping,” Yin said, not really caring as much as Yang did.
“Let’s check it out anyway,” Yang said.
Yin finally agreed, and the sisters peered from behind the trees into a clearing.  Within the clearing, there was a bunch of zaerens celebrating a festival.  They seemed to be chanting something.
Gone with Ameil.
Ameil is gone.
Bring back light ‘cause the time has come.
Go Zerothea and Maraysia!
“Ameil is dead!” the zaerens cried with joy.
         Yin and Yang seemed to both feel a surge of joy, and they also cried with joy.  They jumped from their hiding spots behind the trees.  The other zaerens looked of shock when they saw the newcomers pop out from among the trees.  The music halted, and everyone stopped dancing.  Eyes flew to the two travelers.  Yang became a little scared, and she cowered until she was crouched behind her sister.  Her sister was standing tall.  She swore to her sister that she would protect her.
         One of the zaerens stepped out from amongst the crowd.  She wore a large red dress.  Above it was a green tunic.  On her head, there was a big white crown with a yellow bud inside.  Her expression was kind and welcoming.
“Welcome, newcomers, to the land of Zerothea,” she said.
Yin and Yang glanced at each other.
“My name is Hermione, the life zaeren.  I welcome you here.”
Yang crept out of her hiding place behind her sister.  The two stared at each other, then looked to the crowd of zaerens.  They were a little timid.  Hermione slightly smiled.
“I’m quite sorry.  I came out a little too strong.  Forgive me,” she said.
“It’s--- it’s fine,” Yang stammered.  “I have come with my sister from a far away land.  My name is Yang, the light zaeren, and my sister is Yin, the dark zaeren.”
The other zaerens began to mumble.  Never had they seen a light and dark zaeren.  There had only been zaerens that represented their home planet.  Not something beyond their planet.
Hermione gave a little smile and said, “Tonight, we are having a celebration because of Ameil’s death.  She was terrifying to the zaerens of this world, and we have finally gotten rid of her.”
Yin and Yang nodded almost helplessly.  “We heard,” they said.  “The zaerens of our land kept reporting that two unknown lands fought off Ameil and killed her.”
Hermione nodded, too.  “Yes.  The lands of Zerothea and Maraysia helped to fight her off.  We are relieved.  Would you like to stay here for a while?  Hawthorne Forest can be quite dangerous at night.”
Yin and Yang were grateful, and they nodded happily.  “In fact,” said Yang.  “Could we live here?”
Hermione looked to the group of zaerens who were waiting impatiently.  She finally turned back to the sisters and nodded with agreement.
         As the sisters walked into their new home, they were greeted by the other zaerens.  Everyone talked about their lives, and showed the sisters around the territory within Zerothea.  Hermione turned from the crowd to the sky and smiled.
It’s wonderful to have zaerens come to this land.

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