Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Legend of Kali

The Legend of Kali
Quite a time ago, there were two powerful zaeren lands who had defeated the evil ruler known as Ameil.  The lands were at peace for a while until something else stirred in the air.  Two evil duniverse rulers began to try to take the power of the zaerens.  A strange zaeren who was a gypsy zaeren called Lily came to the two lands of Zerothea and Maraysia and warned them of this evil.  They didn't believe her because they could not tell wether she was "good" or "evil." She was very unpredictable.
     When the lands defeated the two duniverse rulers, Lily seemed to leave them.  She left them right after saying, "the evil still lingers." She was right about that.  After the defeat of the evil rulers, one powerful goddess appeared from nowhere.  But she did not try to take over the zaeren's powers, she was trying to take over the whole kabuniverse in which they represented.  Lily returned and caused more of her mischief on the lands of Zerothea and Maraysia.
     When the goddess was destroyed, Lily somehow managed to cause Zerothea and Maraysia to go against each other.  They began to battle each other.  After the war was over, the lands were at peace once again.  They began to learn things about Lily that they would have never guessed.  The reason for everything she did was because she was teaching them something in life more complicated than minds could naturally think.
     After the wars with Ameil, the two duniverse rulers, the goddess, and themselves, Lily revealed that she was truly the Goddess of Time only in the form of a gypsy zaeren.  She then left forever, leaving the zaerens thinking and wondering with surprise and shock.
     Many human years later, three cousins and a warrior found Kali hidden in a powerful palace called the Exlenester.  The Exlenester was a very large and powerful palace that seemed to be seen from everywhere at once, yet it was hidden and nowhere at all.  Kali became the legendary Time Goddess, but was forever a strange gypsy zaeren to the zaeren's minds...

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