Thursday, December 16, 2010

Zxero: the Legend

Zxero is nothing and everything that you perceive it to be.  It is called "the Alternate One," for it is made up of Nothing and Everything.  They say that Zxero took form as a dragon.  The reason it did so was because that was how the people of the planet Zanthe perceived it.  Some say that it could take form as anything, for it was made up of everything.  Others said that it was all around them.  Both perspectives were true, yet at the same time, not true.  So everyone decided that it could be the Dragon of Balance, made up of Nothing and Everything.
     Many stories have been written of Zxero on this planet, Zanthe.  Even Zxero wrote a book itself!  Some say that Zxero, in fact, wrote everything.  (Of course, because it technically is "everything").  One of the series called "The Legend of Zxero," was written by Zxero itself, and translated by many people in different worlds.  Zxero was the one who created the story, yet the things in the story were said to have actually happened, just like in every story told and written.  Some say that Zxero controlled everything that was happening, and others say that Zxero wrote about what was happening.  But they all agreed that Zxero was basically everything that was happening.
     The wisest ones knew that Zxero was a matter of perspective on Nothing and Everything.  In fact, a matter of perspective itself.  That was how it received the name "the Alternate One."

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