Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Magic World- While being Captured

As the poison drugs Allie for the next couple of days, she gets placed in a cell. Forrick and Turri try to keep her alive by feeding her gruel, give her daily check ups, and little by little, get the poison out of her body. They do this so the poison won't affect her organs or nervous system, but only make her unconscious. Even though they both enjoy to do this, Forrick sometimes has troubling feelings when he tries to torture Allie. He thinks that when Allie is not putting up a fight is not fun. Plus, he lately has nightmares about her walking around the place even though she's still poisoned and keeps calling out to him. His worst nightmare is seeing Allie being tortured 'till she wasn't living anymore and turns into dust. It scares him so much that he even checks on her the next day to see her. He decides that moment and with the help of the haunting dreams to do something thats against the master's rules: helping the enemy.

When his partner was asleep, he sneaks to Allie's cell with a small bottle of green liquid. He opens the door very quietly even though the drug always made her not able to wake up. He looks at Allie's face and feels his skin crawl. He distracts himself by opening the bottle and swishing the green liquid in the container. He pours the liquid in his hand and sees it ooze between his fingers and it also drips off his finger tips. He then parts Allie's mouth and pours it in there. He then also takes the rest into his mouth. It didn't taste much, but as soon it reaches his lips, he feels a powerful energy swirl around in his stomach. He clutches it like if the wound is trying to reopen. In his closed eyes, he sees a bright image that seems to be distant. He thought about trying to reach it, but it then glows a deep red mixed with green. He forces his eyes to open and sees it in-front of him, but it changes to a young girl that is green and has green goop dripping all over her. Her red wings also shines beautifully with patterns of swirls that move. It seem to make him relax. However, he still backs away a little bit, feeling uneasy.

"Are you the one who used me to help this Half-Being live?"She asks, her voice sounds nice and slow.

"Um, well kinda..."He stammers as a response.

"No, you did!"She answers harshly now "You can't lie to Numria, the spirit of Allie."

"Well, then why did you ask?" He asks, confused.

"You can't ask me anything you killer!" She hisses and her wings start changing to fire blazing red. She starts to fly up in the air and she makes her nails even longer, like if she unshealfs her claws like a cat. She strikes Forrick in the chest, but misses by inches as he jumps out of the way. He dodges her as she tries to slash him, but she soon finally gets him in the back. Surprisingly, he didn't feel pain or his blood didn't pour out, but he did feel his soul ache in agony. He feels a strong energy coming out of him, which made him yell from the pain. He hears a roar and flapping of wings. He turns around and sees a young man thats red with a yellow mane and fierce claws. His yellow wings flaps with such force that the wind created would knock you over. The young man stares at the green spirit with a gleam in her eyes now. He showing his teeth and starts to roars again.

"You shall not hurt him, Numria. He just had a misunderstanding." The young man says.

"With what? That my person is poisoned and she can die at any moment! Yeah, that is a misunderstand all right!" She yells.

"So, are you a spirit too? A spirit of me?" Forrick asks to the young man.

"Yes." He answers not looking at Forrick, "But lets talk about this later. I need to show this spirit that you can't be messed with."

The young man makes the first move and pounces on the other spirit. They try to scratch each other and constantly try to get the other spirit to let their guard down. Soon the young man ends the fight by biting Numria on the neck. She calms down and her wings become a dull crimson. She stares at the young man and says, "Okay. I understand now. Im sorry."

The young man lets her go gently and bows to Numria, "I'm sorry too. I shouldn't bite a beautiful nymph's neck like that."

"Ugh, you don't listen" She snaps,"I'm half phinex, half water nymph."

What, water nymph? What is that...Never mind, you won't answer me anyways." Forrick comments to himself.

"Oh, good. You are listening!," Numria praises to Forrick, "But, let me just ask you something. Why did you help her even though she is the enemy?"

"Well-um-You see..."He starts, "I- I was bored. Yeah thats it. You know I want her to live so I can play with her."

The young boy and Numria both roll their eyes at him.

"Sure." She agrees scarcastically, "Well, I need to wake her now so you can 'play'. See you in the nearest future."

"Wait, please!" He suddenly says, "I'm just wondering, do all humans have spirits?"

Numria stares at him confused and shakes her head. "No, they don't and she is not a human. I thought you all ready knew this."

"What is she then? Please ask me this last question."

"She is like you." the young man answers, "A different human who has powers and a vulnerable spirit, but hers is somehow stronger."

"I told you before she is a Half-Being." She adds.

"What is A Half-Being?" Forrick asks.

"Sorry, but you all ready said your last question and I can't answer anymore. She needs me. Anyways, it seems to be dumb to ask me that when you are one yourself."

"But I will tell you anyways." Answers Forrick's spirit, "A Half-Being is a different human like yourself mixed with another speices such as the regular humans. So she is not a whole of a different human nor a regular human. So thats why she is called a Half-Being. Also, since she is a Half-Being, she gets both properties of both species. Usually, when this happens, the person would get one benefital property from one species and one bad property from the other, but she somehow got both of benefital properties from both species. So, I don't know how it happened."

Forrick stares at Allie and nods. He wonders if this makes her speical to the master. Forrick becomes speechless after what he says, confused on what to say next. Numria takes this as an account that the conversation is over. She waves good-bye to Forrick and her wings start to glow. As she starts to flap her wings, droplets of glowing water goes all over the walls, but it splashes espically on Allie. It also goes on Forrick's face and feels warm, yet delicate on his skin. She dives into the water that covers Allie and dissappears from view. The light glows inside Allie's body and dims away in a few moments.

The young man looks up and he starts to glow as well. He turns into small pieces and swirls around Forrick and he goes in through his back. He also hears a slight go He good-bye from his spirit and feels having energy coming back to him again. He suddenly hears a murmer from her lips and he goes right to her side. He still waits to see her brown eyes open up to him as he breaths deeply to himself. He gets closer to her, feeling her breath against his face.

Suddenly, he hears the door for Allie's room open. His mind starts to panic as he stares at Allie. He sees Turri at the doorway. Turri has a confused expression on his face, but Forrick stands still.

"Oh no! I need to get away since I'm all ready a traitor to the master." He says to himself.

He made a portal above his head and takes Allie's hand as they dissappear from the cell. Turri tries to follow, but it closes on him. He feels her grip getting tighter as they travel in the portal. He looks down and sees Allie staring in confusion yet with fierceness. He thought it's weird that she isn't sleepy from her recovery.

"What are you doing? Where are you taking me?" She demanded.

He turns away from Allie and answers, "Someplace where we will be safe."

When he says this, the portal reopens and they fall from the sky to a forest in midday. Flower petals scatter all over the forest that float gently in the breeze. He sees a lake that they were about to fall in. He hugs tight to Allie and his hands start to glow. He screams with rage and his energy grows and expand to a sphere of green surrounds them in a instant. The sphere still continues to fall into the lake with a big splash that disturbs the silence that the forest had before.

To be continued...

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