Monday, January 10, 2011

The Simple Story Poems

Too Tired to Think About "Life"
The factor we hold in our minds
The question that wields no answer.
There's a soul in our heart we must follow
It guides us through our days.
We are thankful for life
And think it is the general things in life that are most powerful.
The usual stuff we think about and compete about...
Let's just say...
I need to take a nap right now.

Snowy Things
There is snow
In my shoe
And it is killing my feet.
I think
It is about time
to take out
The shoe brush.
But I can't clean the inside of my shoe efficiently
With a shoe brush.
So I guess I'll just have wet feet
For the rest of the day.

Thinking Too Much
It's a little bit funny
These feelings I have
And I try to ignore them
But I can't because...
I don't really know.
Stupid philosophy!
It's taking over my mind...
Nothing is everything and everything is nothing.
Life is a part of it.
Everything and nothing is how we perceive it.
Oh, how I can't think and
I don't want to think.
But what--
What do I hear?
Another voice in my head making me think complicated.

Wretched Poem
Oh, wretched Mr. Poem.
How deep he is!
You may not have liked these poems.
But they say about the simple things
Which I find more amusing
And even more inspiring.
And so to end Mr. Poem
I end with talking about a dragon
Who eats too much
And he eats poor Mr. Poem
And the dragon
Lives happily ever after...

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