Wednesday, February 2, 2011

In the Backyard

She stares from the back of everything
To the world surrounding her.
Yet she is sometimes in the back
Alone when she wants to be.
Happy and free is she
Though she is trapped among people
And she remains enclosed in her backyard
Yet able to see everything.
She is free when in the back
Was free
Is free
And will be free.
And when the time had come for her to open her mind
She did.
Though she wasn't heard
That place in her backyard
Was the place to be.
The place where she is alone
Yet heard all over the universe.
She would come to the back and greet the Backyard Spirit
Who guides her
And talks to her when she is alone
Who makes the moon shine for her
And the foliage thrive.
So she isn't alone!
And she is the happiest person there can be
One who respects the rest of the world
From a distance
From the back.

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