Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The One Who Wrote All?

For the miles they traveled
And the days they have aged
They approached her
And hovered there 
As she swept through their gaze.

They see the one who has written them
And their lives.
The one who created their sea
Their land
Their sky.

She stands there in a tunic
And smiles.
The three zaerens stand before her and shine
As bright as the moon.
One zaeren is of the stars
One of the kabuniverse
And one of the gods.
They hover there and sigh.

The stars hang over in the dark
The answer lay in a certain power
That is more than beyond.
And that power is unseen
Nor is it gone.

The three zaerens stare
Transfixed with wonder
As their imaginations ponder.

Beguiling, was she
The creator of all.
The one who sees everything
For it is not there
But in her head.

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