Saturday, February 19, 2011

Sooted Star- Chapter 1

 Through the air I smell
Through the breeze I feel
There is change.
I feel it in the soil
And see it in the flames.
There’s a darkness that grows in my mind
And the trees wither.
Free was the one who wandered
But now is trapped.
The forests
But now forgotten.
Through my mind’s eye I have seen
The ocean.
How beautiful it was
But now this nature has been undone
By time.

Upon a silver boat stood three guardians who each wore red cloaks.  The three of them were the guardians of the Sooted Star realm.  One of the women wore a green and purple bird mask that covered her entire face.  Her hair was gold, and streamed out for what seemed like a mile.  The second woman wore the facemask of forever.  Whenever she took off a mask, there was always a different mask under it, and the masks never ended.  Her hair was short and made up of many different colors.  The third woman had no mask.  In fact, she had no face.  She was blank, and her hair was silver like the stars.
          "Mother Earth, the sea is rough today," said the woman in the bird mask.  "What do you say the gods are trying to tell us?"
"Aye, Mother Star.  Today Blaze senses something.  I say that we go and see, and watch from afar, the wonder that we don't know, and we will learn to become ever wiser," Mother Earth called over the boom of the ocean waves.  The woman with no face stared ahead and listened to her sisters' conversation.  "What do you say, dear Mother Moon?" Mother Star asked calmly.  Mother Moon stared blankly and nodded.  Then, she spoke in the most echoing tone anyone could ever hear.  "I agree," she said.  “I say we go and find out what the sea god has to say."
            The three guardian women shuffled around the boat and turned it around until it faced four islands.  One of the islands was covered with forest, and a small golden tower stood at the top of a cliff.  The second island was flatter than the others.  It was mostly rocky and hilly with some forest.  In the middle, there was a small inactive volcano that had a tower built into it.  The third island had city covering most of it.  Another tower was in the middle, surrounded by dunes and a few trees.  The fourth island was darker, and a tall, dark tower was leaning upon a mountain.  There was city on the edge of the island, and the forest was more inland.  The islands were the four islands of the Sooted Star realm, surrounded by the ocean.  Grass covered the bottom of the ocean, and the little fish swam amongst the plant life.
            The three guardians stared out towards the islands as the wind blew madly about.  The sea god was disturbed.  In fact, the women could see that all of the gods were disturbed.  “Let us hope the three goddesses are with us,” Mother Earth said.

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