Thursday, February 3, 2011

Wonders through a Window

The moon is bright
For it is night.
Galvanized by the sky is I
Wondering little thoughts to keep me from the glow
Watching the stars shimmer by with time.
I look down to the forest when there is only a city.
I see the broken mountains when there is only fog.
I see the shimmering sea 
That is real
And the little wonders lying low.

Out from behind the trees
Figures peep.
They try to hide their smiles
As they greet me to their land
After I had traveled for miles.
They are the zaerens I had known in my head
For many years I've lived.
And I clearly see them now
As if they were truly there to fix my dread.

Up in the sky
There's a flash
And my chest tightens.
I feel energy pounding in my mind
As the spirit in me pushes out
To reach up and fly.
I almost cry.
I see three figures hover around the moon
Beams of light flying around them.
It is the most beautiful sight.

The three figures come towards me
Greet me
With happy smiles.
They introduce themselves as the three cousins
From the land in which I imagine.
A man steps from the shadows with a cloak as long as life.
He comes behind the cousins.
He says he is the king of gods
Just as I imagined him.

The cousins wave good-bye
And the other zaerens look with wonder
As I turn to leave.
I face the sea
And find myself in empty space
Feeling no feelings.
The stars are all around me now
Reflecting across the calm waters.

Then I begin to glow myself
Wondering what would come next.
I turn to face the zaerens and the forest
But nothing is there.
Then I'm swimming with no air
No mind
And in the morning I hear a cry.
It is mine.

I'm still here
In my mind
My spirit pushing
My head aches
My imagination quakes
And something there appears.
It's a dragon.
The one I have perceived as the Alternate One.
It glides to me through the stars
Bringing me back to sleep
And I dream some more.

The cousins are with me once more
Walking beside me on a white marble floor in a glowing room
Where the sunlight always peers through.
The guardians of Sooted Star watch as we proceed.
Mother Earth
Mother Moon
Mother Star.
They greet us in a chanted phrase
That no one understands but me.

Next thing I know
I'm swept off my feet
And I fly above the sea.
No one is with me
No one but Zxero
The Alternate One that stays with me
That is everywhere
However you perceive.

Now I sit and wonder
As I look out the window during midday.
I think of my travels through the night
And if it really happened.
Though as strange as it may seem
It was only because of
The magic in me.

--This poem represents me and two other people who have been made into one person.  

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