Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Council

The Dragons of
planet Zanthe are different from other dragons.  Of course, every story about dragons has their own version of dragons, and every dragon has a unique personality.  The dragons in which I, Zxero, the writer of all books, am writing about in this particular book are dragons who always stay away from each other in their own separate territories, or just go wandering because they have no territory.  They never come in contact with mortals, most of all.  The mortals are the seven races, or also known as “the seven species of fae.”  The seven races include dwarves, elves, zaerens, humans, etc.  If you read the last series, you would know all of them.
                  The sad thing was, since the dragons kept themselves as isolated as they could from everything, they began to lose their superior qualities.  They had once been known as “Superiors” long ago when the seven races were still evolving (obviously everything is still evolving).  The dragons had been on planet Zanthe ever since the world was only but a couple million years old.  They had evolved quite quickly, you can say.
                  Now that the dragons lost their superior qualities, the mortals began to overrun them and slay them for money, even though they had done nothing to the mortals.  When the mortals began to slay them, the dragons grew angry.  They began to defend themselves and a war broke out between them.  After the war, only fifteen dragons remained.  The fifteen dragons remained powerful, as they had always been even before the war.  But they became anxious as the mortals tried to hunt them down.  They formed a council together and went into hiding. 
                  The council was called “The Council,” because some of the dragons thought that if they named it any special name; some mortal would find out and spread the word to the others.  But the “smarter” dragons knew it wouldn’t make a difference if they named their council or not.  The fifteen dragons decided that the most majestic name for their council was just, “The Council.”  Yes, we know.  To the mortals, that name is just the most boring name for a council ever imagined.  What do you expect, these dragons are not the most imaginative creatures, even though they are very intelligent.  There is one very imaginative dragon, though.  Its name is Zxero.  But we will get to the individual dragons later.
                  In hiding, The Council began to discuss the grave matters that they were becoming a part of.  They fought about what to do about the mortals, and how they would protect themselves and their superior qualities.  The debating went on for years until they finally compromised.  From that day on, the dragons would try to prove their worth to the world.  But they found no hope that they would succeed.  There were so many different mortals who all had their different opinions on dragons.  The dragons would have to give it a try.  But how exactly would they prove their worth? Why, that would spoil the book!  Why not read to find out, since you’re the one who picked it up in the first place! 
Since the dragons are wise, they knew that proving their worth would take a bunch of complicated steps.  They couldn’t predict exactly what was going to happen while taking these complicated steps, but they knew that it was just something that would happen in life.  And so they came up with the concept, Whatever Happens, Happens, to show that things always just came and passed from the kabuniverse’s perspective.  In other words, some of the dragons said, “we’ll play it by ear.”

 Zxero did not
care about how much the other dragons hated flying above the sea.  Zxero seemed to be the only one who liked the sea, unlike the others who moaned and complained for about twenty minutes each day while Zxero tried to console them by saying that the sea was just a bunch of blue sand being blown around by the wind. 
Ever since that day when Torticus, the littlest dragon plunged into the sea after being blown about in circles by an evil gust of wind, the dragons never believed what Zxero said about the sea being a bunch of blue sand. 
“What a bunch of intelligent dragons,” Zxero said. 
Zxero had a voice that was a low-pitched and a high-pitched tone, as if two people were talking in unison.  The other dragons found it funny that Zxero had a double voice, but Zxero personally liked it.
                  “Come on!” moaned Torticus.  “Why the sea?  Why not the desert or the forest?”  He looped around in a lazy circle while Zxero and a few of the other dragons from The Council were perched atop a rocky cliff. 
“Because there are less mortals at sea,” Zxero snapped.  “Maybe you’ll understand that when you get caught by one of the mortals and fried into a great big sausage.” 
The other dragons seemed to like the idea about “fried sausage.”      

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