Saturday, May 28, 2011


She began her day by running.  She ran and ran, not knowing what she was running from or where she was running to, but all she knew was that she was being pursued.  Her legs were throbbing, but something kept her going, pushing her past her limits.  But that wasn't all that gave her pain.  She turned around.  Nothing.  Nothing was pursuing her.  And that was exactly why she was running.
          Panting, she pushed on a little faster.  She didn't know what was in that nothingness that was coming for her.  All she knew was that she didn't want to be captured by it.  But as she thought, perhaps being consumed by nothingness would be a good thing for her.  Maybe it would bring her to a place where she wouldn't care about anything at all.
          Reluctantly, the girl, Justice, turned around and faced the blankness of everything.  She waited for the nothingness to grab her, but nothing happened.  Maybe it was her own imagination, but she could of sworn that nothing was pursuing her.  Instead, when she turned around, she saw a dragon standing before her.

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