Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Old Grass Fold

When the nights were cold
The old grass fold was open
And the portal travelers maneuvered 
Throughout the land.

Long ago
The old frauds and rouge winds whispered
Telling one another secrets
While the one legged cat 
Meowed with delight.

Before our time
The Superiors danced
Letting the rouge wind howl
And the mortals gather
And with that, their wine glasses did shatter.

The rock of regal glory
The dragons sat and feasted with the fae
And the moon did sway
Oh, the many miles away.

Suddenly upon
This land so strange
A girl came
And bargained many a time.
This was her way

She traveled unknowing
To find the life she never had
And would not rest
Until the end of her glory.

The creatures here questioned her
Wondering as well about the other worlds
That lay beyond.

And since the time of the girl
The time when the other creatures wondered
And the time when the peace was disturbed
The old grass fold closed itself.

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