Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Monday, June 20, 2011

I, Zxero

Zxero is a dragon.

At least that's what it's perceived to be

By the author of this story.

Zxero is Nothing and Everything, you see.

But what is Nothing and Everything?

I here, hardly know

For it is a matter of perspective, see.

And knowledge hardly knows.

Zxero is a silver dragon

That likes to travel portals.

And it has a telepathic mind.

Reasoning that, it speaks not through words.

It is neither male nor female

Therefore, others find Zxero weird.

But this dragon minds not

For when it meets someone

It usually never sees them again.

And so to wrap up this discussion.

Which is very one sided as I can see.

I, Zxero will hit the road now.

And perhaps I'll see you in another life. 

To be continued in a different story poem...

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Red Dragonfly (continued)

Enabled to Shift

I finally went to school today.  Kenneth wasn’t there though because he’s super smart and already graduated to being science officer on one of the spaceships.  I feel a surge of jealousy for some reason.  I never felt much jealousy before until now.  But I guess you can say I’m proud of Kenneth anyway.  I have improved on my science and writing skills thanks to him, and the professors even began to teach the students how to pilot space shuttles.  My professor said I did exceptionally well at piloting, so he gave me an award for it.  I thank the dragonflies for teaching me.
         I even overheard the professors talking about me piloting a spaceship, which is rare for a person to do at an early age.  They said that I had a good sense of flight and was already capable of memorizing directions and flying.  But one of the professors—and evil professor in my opinion—said that my unstable, physic mind would get in the way of my piloting, and that I should be held captive as a janitor of a ship or something.  This made me angry.
         I was standing in the bathroom in front of the mirror again.  I stand in front of the mirror a lot these days, searching for the wings I had seen a few weeks ago.  I don’t see any wings now.  I even look for the rash on my back.  It seems to have gone away.  Maybe I had been dreaming when I had those wings.
         I look for Kenneth a lot now.  I never find him.  He’s always working somewhere on one of those spaceships.  I think he works on the Defiant Navigator.  That’s the ship that mainly travels the galaxy for scientific reasons.
         The ship, Universal Navigator is the most important ship.  It travels and tries to discover new parts of the galaxy.  It also tries to find a way into other galaxies, too, but it only found its way into another galaxy once.  No one knows how the Universal Navigator found its way through the borders of the galaxy.  All people know is that the first three crewmembers of the ship did not know how exactly they got into the other galaxy themselves.  They claimed that a dragon helped them.  The dragon had been a traveller of time and space.  People say it’s a real honor to work on the Universal Navigator.  The people who worked on that ship are legendary and people now like to use them as role models.
         The first crew ever on the Universal Navigator was the littlest crew.  It was a crew of three.  Crews are usually ten now.  The crew of three was made up of a science officer, an engineer, and a captain who also piloted.  The science officer was named Penn.  The engineer was Penn’s sister, Gem.  The captain was Captain Lunar.  Lunar, Gem, and Penn had built the ship a long time ago and first set off into space with very little knowledge.  They quickly discovered things about their galaxy, and wondered about other galaxies.  That’s when they met the dragon, Zxero, who showed them a way to cross galaxy borders.
         I wish I could be like Captain Lunar, or Gem, or Penn.  But I’m just an unstable, unintelligent girl whose only talent is piloting.  I heard once that Captain Lunar had also been very unstable as a child, but later on she was somehow cured.  I sometimes wonder if I will be cured.
         I stood in front of the mirror, thinking of the Universal Navigator and tossing my hair side to side.  I was scowling.  Tomorrow I would be assigned a ship to pilot, but I would still go to school to learn my academics until I officially graduated.  I began to think of Kenneth again.  I’ve been thinking of Kenneth a lot lately.  I wonder if her thinks of me.  I heard that he was about to go on a dangerous mission out in space, trying to discover a way to create a whole planet.  They said that the pilot there was retiring and they needed a new pilot.  In some ways, I wish I could be the pilot so that I could have a chance to actually fly a spaceship, but I’m afraid my jealousy would rage if I were around Kenneth.
         I took a strand of hair and tugged at it, feeling the sharp pain through my scalp.  I began to notice something strange.  My skin was growing red again.  I don’t know how many times my skin grew red, but I think this is the reddest it has ever gotten.  I stared at myself.  Though I was growing red, I felt no pain.  Perhaps I had gotten used to the pain.  Suddenly, my head began to throb again.  It wasn’t as bad as last time when Kenneth was here, but it still ached.  An image of dragonflies flew through my mind.  I whimpered, but did not scream.  “They’re hiding.  And coming.  I’m—here—no I’m not!  I’m not!  Oh, gosh, help me!” I began to speak in discombobulated phrases again.  I clutched my head so hard, my nails dug in and I began to bleed.  I looked into the mirror again and saw that my eyes had gone hollow and were bleeding as well.  I finally screamed.
         Holes began to appear on my hands and I found myself dripping blood all over.  Then I saw that my skin was disappearing.  I took my hands away from my head and saw myself shrinking rapidly.  Then my bones began to pop out of place.  I wanted to scream this time because to pain was so much, but I didn’t.  Instead, I stared at myself in the blood-spattered mirror and watched as I shrunk and my bones snapped and my skin disappeared.  A few of my guts even spilled out onto the clean white floor, but I didn’t mind.  I had shrunken down so much, and I was growing small wings.  My eyes went from my old eyes to new, dragonfly ones.  My old body fell apart, bones, guts and everything, but my new body was a long head, thorax and abdomen.  I was—a dragonfly.  For a while, I stared at myself, and then looked down to the bloody mess on the floor.  All I could think was what would my mother say about this?  I wanted to cry, but my dragonfly emotions held back.  I began to wonder.  Why had I turned into a dragonfly?  Why had the dragonflies suddenly greeted me when my last family member died?  Who was I?
         I perched atop my own bathroom counter, asking these questions and feeling so many emotions at once.  I had never felt these emotions before.  They were things like confusion, hatred, loneliness, and wonderment.  I didn’t know what to do with them other than let them out.  But I couldn’t let them out.  I would never be able to let them out. 

Friday, June 17, 2011

Red Dragonfly (continued)

The Rash Gets Bigger

Today I went and flew another space shuttle without permission again.  I know I’m too young to fly, but I have to.  I just have to.  And along with that, it’s in my blood that I must fly.  My mom flew spaceships and space shuttles.  My grandma and great grandma flew them too.  I can’t help but fly them as well.  I like piloting.
Unfortunately today when I was flying, I was itchy and uncomfortable again.  I remembered the first time I had and itch attack.  It felt funny.  But it went away for a few days.  Now it came back at me like a nuclear bomb. 
When I went into the shower, I looked behind me into the mirror and saw a big red rash on my back.  I’m scared now.  Now I wonder if I’m getting a disease and will end up back in nature with my dead family members.  I’m not scared of death.  I’m only scared of pain.  I wish I were strong.
I went to bed early tonight, having odd dreams about water and feeling as though I would vomit.  I laid awake most of the time during the middle of the night from eleven until one in the morning.  I was shivering and sweating like a pig.  I wondered if I would die soon.
But after a long moment of painful dreaming, I fell into a deep, long sleep.  It was so deep and so long, I didn’t even hear my alarm go off at six in the morning.  I missed more than a half a day of school.
Then this morning I found a rather funny thing.  When I looked in the mirror this morning—more likely this afternoon since I woke up so late—I saw dragonfly wings on my back.  I wanted to believe I was dreaming, but I was too awake.  I started to scream again.  I pulled at my hair and paced for an hour I think.  I paced until my doorbell rang.
Maybe it was only my mind, but I found myself lying on my sofa with my head on Kenneth’s lap.  I don’t know, but I believe I was sucking my thumb like a little child.  So many things were running through my mind at once.  Then I remembered the wings I had seen in the mirror on my back.
“Do you see wings?” I had asked Kenneth.  I sat up and looked directly into his eyes.  He seemed to note that my question was serious.  “Skyler?” he said.  “Are you okay?”  And I didn’t answer him, which I feel terrible about.  I told him about the wings I saw on my back.  He said he didn’t see wings.  I was disappointed.
So then I asked him if he could see the rash on my back.  He said yes willingly.  He even put some sort of ointment on the rash to make it less itchy.  The ointment tickled me and made me laugh almost.  Then Kenneth turned me so that I faced him.  This time, he looked directly into my eyes and said, “Skyler, you seem to be hiding something form me.  What is wrong with you?  Why won’t you tell me?”
I looked down and said to him, “I don’t know.”  Then I remembered how I often stole those space shuttles and illegally flew them.  But I wasn’t about to tell my friend that.  That was supposed to be a secret.  I’m good at keeping secrets.  I wanted to tell him that the rash was getting bigger, but I think he already knows that.
I think Kenneth is worried for me.  Every time I look into his deep-set eyes, I see a mixture of hatred, desire, and worry.  I can read his emotions.  I can read all people’s emotions, but I can read Kenneth’s the easiest because he’s been my friend since I was five.
Kenneth was looking at me.  He expected a real answer.  I didn’t know what to say.  I was too confused.  But after a while of silence, my friend’s expression grew from demanding to understanding.  I think he’s grown to be very understanding now.  He used to be too practical, but now he accepts other people’s opinions and statements.
Kenneth grabbed my hand.  He looked down at it, his mouth quivering slightly as if he were about to speak.  He didn’t speak, though.  I think he was being shy.  After a while, he finally did speak.
“Skyler—about the dragonflies,” he started.  “Tell me more about them.  You told me once that they have been speaking to you ever since the death of you mother.”
“Yeah,” I said with a squeak in my voice.  “They do things for me.  I like them a lot.  They teach me things—.”
“What do they teach you?” Kenneth interrupted.  The question hit me.  I bit my lip until I could taste blood in my mouth.  I think I was shaking even.
“Nothing.  Just things about their society and things like that,” I lied.  But lying hurts.  I couldn’t just lie to my friend.  He knew I was lying.  I could see it in his eyes.  “Well, they taught me how to pilot a space shuttle,” I finally said, shying down into a little ball.  I felt Kenneth growing tense.  I saw his jaw squeeze shut tightly.  He didn’t say anything.  Instead, he stood up almost abruptly and stood in front of me, towering above me.  I felt threatened like a kitten stuck in the middle of a busy road.
“So that’s why there was a shuttle flying in the wrong area of the square,” he said.  “Why did you do it?”  I didn’t answer him.  I felt the presence of the dragonflies drawing nearer.  My head began to throb suddenly.  Kenneth asked me again.  “Why did you do it?  Answer me now.”  This time, he sounded very demanding. 
My head felt like it was going to burst.  I didn’t know what to do.  I didn’t know what was happening to me.  I could only curl myself into a tighter ball and wheeze.  Pain was overtaking me.  I felt like I did last night when I had those funny dreams and was sweating like a pig.  Somehow, those dragonflies had something to do with it.
“Is that why you weren’t in school today?  IS IT?” Kenneth was raging at me now.  He had his hands gripping my shoulders very tightly.  So tightly, I thought my shoulders were breaking.  I suddenly screamed.  My spasms began again. 
I have always had spasms ever since I was a very little child.  Whenever I sensed bad things about to occur, they would happen.  My mother was always there to calm me down.  Kenneth had witnessed a few of my little spasms during our friendship, but he never experienced one like this.
My head throbbed.  I was wheezing.  I never wheezed before during any of my spasm attacks.  I thought I was dying.  I began to say discombobulated phrases, trying to get whatever was in my mind, out.  I spoke in a frightened tone.  “Me.  They’re coming.  For me.  I—I—am going to them.  They’re everywhere.  They’re everywhere!  Oh, help me!” I said ending with a shrill cry.  I began to sob.
Kenneth broke his grip on me and stumbled back.  His eyes were wide.  I was turning red and sweaty.  “Skyler?” he said.  He suddenly rushed back to me and grabbed my shoulders again, this time lighter.  “Skyler, what’s wrong with you?  I’m sorry!”
“It’s not you,” I said.  “Never you.  It’s—it’s them.  Then I had a fuzzy feeling grow inside me.  I suddenly burst out in laughter as if I had never been upset.  I hadn’t been upset.  It was my spasm.  The laughter was part of my spasm too.  My eyes went bloodshot and I laughed and laughed.  Then I passed out.  Blackness took over.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Red Dragonfly

I don't feel straight.  I never feel straight.  Or at least I hadn't felt straight since my mother, my last living family member died.  She died at the exact time my seventeenth birthday occurred, which was only a week ago at exactly seven in the morning.  It was as if she was meant to die.  It was as if someone-- or something had been waiting for her to die.
Each of my family members had passed away around the time of my birthday, each death getting closer to my birthday every year.  I never understood why.  Neither did my mother.  But on the day of my seventeenth birthday, I found my mother lying dead in the engineering room of the spaceship, Universal Navigator.  On that same day, I began to feel itchy on my back.  Perhaps I was getting a rash.  I was confused, but now I am beginning to understand these recurring deaths of my family.
My family members were all meant to die.  All seventeen of them had died around the same date as my birthday for a reason.  I wondered-- even hoped I was meant to die as well.  I wondered if next year, I would join my family back in nature.  I have only to wait and see before I know what my fate holds.
It has only been a week since my mother's death.  I had loved my mother.  I had been so close to her all my life.  She had taught me so many things about math, science, space, and everything I needed to know about the world beyond.  I had hoped to join mother on the Universal Navigator one day when my schooling was finished.  But my hope faded.  I feel lost now.  Perhaps one of the reasons why is that I don't even know how my mother or any of my relatives died in the first place.  Something has been disturbing me.  Building up in me.  I don't know what.  These days, I feel like something or someone is stalking me.
The things that I began to notice the most were the dragonflies that would hover around.  I took no note of them until now.  I try to ignore them and get on with my studies so that I can become a crewmember of a spacecraft, but it's hard to ignore them these days.  I sometimes like to stare at them and think that they are my passed family members.  I like to talk with my best friend, Kenneth about my thoughts on the dragonflies, but he only laughs and says, “Finn, you’re too much.  They’re just dragonflies.”  I don’t say anything after that.
         I find myself standing near ponds, on top of cliffs, or in open fields more often now.  I even find myself talking to the dragonflies.  They always understand what I’m saying.  Sometimes I even ask them to do my chores for me, such as cleaning dishes, or wiping the dust off my mom’s old flowerpots, or oiling the machines and gadgets my dad invented a while back when I was ten.
         You see the dragonflies here are not like your normal ones you see on your planet.  The dragonflies here are clever and can lift heavy things, and can do many things us radians can do.  They are very observant, as I can see.  No one else seems to notice them here.  Perhaps the dragonflies are just daily occurring creatures we know are there, but don’t take full note of.  Perhaps the radians don’t even know that these dragonflies are intelligent creatures.  I tried to tell Kenneth about what I observed about the dragonflies.  Of course, he didn’t listen, but that was only at first.  After a while of explaining, he began to listen.
         Kenneth is six months older than me.  He is tall and thin, while I am short and kind of stubby.  I’m not majestic like the other girls.  I’m certainly mot majestic and smart like Kenneth.  I try to learn from him, but when he teaches me, I feel like I’m being too dependent on him.  I tell him how I feel.  I always tell him how I feel.  I tell him that I am sorry all the time when I ask for his help.  He only laughs and lightly places his hand on my shoulder.  He doesn’t say anything, as if he doesn’t know the right words to say to me.
         He knows I’m unstable and psychic.  I don’t know if he’s comfortable around me, but I certainly enjoy his company.
         One day, I had been in my class in the bright white room, sitting cross-legged on the floor in front of my bright white desk.  The dragonflies had distracted me again.  I was thinking of my mother’s recent death.  I didn’t notice that tears were streaming out of my eyes.  All the kids were staring at me.  Then I remember suddenly bursting out in shrieks as if someone were murdering me.  I don’t know why.  I don’t know what I was feeling.  I never know what I am feeling.  I only tell Kenneth my feelings in a vague way.
         When I started screaming, Kenneth came to me and grabbed me.  He’s such a strong person.  I wish I were strong like him.  I’m just a scared, seventeen year old girl.  He pinned me against his chest and walked out of the bright white classroom as if he were a cat, free to roam wherever he wished.  He brought me outside to the green, green, grassy courtyard where we had a view of all the space shuttles lifting off to meet their spaceships.  I was still crying.  Kenneth had taken my hand very gently, almost too gently.  Then he had pulled me to him very close.  I don’t know what I was feeling then, but I know that my heart was jolting in a funny way.
         I don’t exactly remember what Kenneth did after that, but after that moment, he seems to be very protective over me.  He teaches me more often without me asking him.  He listens to my discombobulated stories now.  He doesn’t speak out of turn anymore.  I think he’s growing up.  I think he’s going to be a real man soon.  I even heard that he might be the captain of one of the spaceships.  I was glad to hear that.  I wish I could be a captain of a spaceship.

Today, I have been spending all day with the dragonflies.  They seem to teach me things just like Kenneth does, but they teach me different things.  They teach me things like how to drive a space shuttle, even though I am not permitted to ride any spacecraft yet.  I had to secretly borrow a space shuttle in order to fly.  If I’m caught, I might get in trouble.  But I don’t care if I get in trouble.  I probably end up like the rest of my family back with nature.
         I sat cross-legged on the bench in the courtyard.  Behind me, I sensed Kenneth approaching.  He seemed to want something.  I couldn’t tell what at first, but then I realized that he just wanted me.  He didn’t want to teach me or talk to me about something.  He just wanted me.  I don’t know how to feel about that. 
         He sat down carefully beside me, staring into my blank eyes.  He didn’t speak.  I didn’t speak either.  Then he pulled me to him and kissed me lightly on the cheek.  Warmth spread through me.  Then I got that funny feeling again that I had when Kenneth pulled me close the last time.  I wasn’t sure how I should feel about it.  Was the feeling good or bad?  Should I be happy or sad?
         I suddenly turned to Kenneth, my mouth quivering.  “Kenneth,” I said hoarsely.  “Do you think I’ll end up like the rest of my family?”    

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Angel of Darkness part 2 of 3

As Roy leads everyone outside, Yalli sees the sky is darker then last time and the only thing she could see is the candles. She trips and stumbles over rocks in the grass, but she is soon grabbing Locka's hand as he leads her through the night. She thinks that he is only doing this so she can become the real ruler of the land, but she is not sure on how she is going to do it.

Will I have to kill the king? she thinks in her head.

She shudders at the thought and hears Roy say "We are here!"

She stares in amazement as she sees the clearing of the field all flat. The ground is filled with purple flowers that are playing bell like sounds. It interests Mearle and she starts putting the candle in the flower. The flower makes the candle hover and flame that lit the candle is engulfed by the flower, making it glow twice as bright. Yalli sees everyone doing this and sees Roy putting her candle into a flower too. As she stares to see the flower glow too, it instead just makes the candle float.

"You need to put it in yourself." Roy says to Yalli.

As she goes over to the flower, she feels confused about it. As she holds the candle, she tries to make it float. To her surprise, she holds the candle and puts it on top of the flower. It engulfs the flame like the others did. She feels relieved for some reason even though she didn't know why.

"Okay everyone. Now get with the people you are with tonight." Roy instructs.

As people walks all over the place, Yalli looks all over for Locka and Mearle. She sees them standing next to Mearle's flower and she joins them.

"Now we know who came with who." continues Roy, "Now lets say the prayer together."

As everyone closes thier eyes, Yalli just watches everyone. She didn't know what to do.

"I know you don't know what is happening or anything." says Mearle, "But when he means everyone, he only means my brother and all the other boys. They are the only one who has to say the prayer."

"How come?"

"Women get it easier then the men do down here supposely, but it's all the same for everyone in general." she explains.

Yalli still didn't understand even with Mearle's explanation. As she waits for Locka to be done, she sees the flowers glowing even brighter. The flowers then start pointing to a hill. On the hill is a platform. The girls start heading to the hill except Mearle and Yalli who wait patiently for Locka to open his eyes. The see the other boys going to the platform and hears music play on the platform, but Locka still didn't open his eyes.

"Don't worry, he's just taking his time." Mearle explains as Yalli starts to look uneasy.

As Yalli looks at Locka, she stares at his closed eye-lids. She stares at them, hoping to see his soft brown eyes. She suddenly had a feeling to close her eyes too. As she did, she suddenly sees Locka from afar standing alone. She isn't even sure if she is inside her own head, but she did hear him whisper to himself. As she comes closer to him, she sees him getting farer from her reach. She then starts to run, but it's going like fast as a jet speeding. She suddenly uses her entire force to just catch up to him, and when she did, she somehow trips and finally falls beside him. He didn't even notice her, his eyes open, but it's just his pupils. He didn't have the white surrounding. It's like they are floating there.

She gasps, and thats when Locka screams above like if he is in pain, gripping his right arm. Yalli is terrified and confused. She didn't know what to do and screams at him "I'm here! Locka, please stop with this screaming. You're okay!"

She tries to grab a hold on his sholders to shake him, but he just fades right through her hands.

"Relax! Calm down! Stay calm!" she shouts with shock.

He then gets on his kness and still holds his hand, but he isn't screaming anymore. She sees a something coming out of his arm. It's white and whispy and it has Locka's face. It turns to Yalli and says in a echoing voice, "Please wake up. Don't ever disturb me when I'm doing this. I'm awake, but your disturbing my consciousness. I'm sorry for being rude, but please get out."

She then suddenly sees her going backwards, away from the wispy form of Locka. She looks around and opens her eyes immediately. Seeing Mearle and Locka staring at her. She gets up and starts rubbing her temples from the pain in her head.

"You all right? No one hasn't done that before." Mearle asks with amazed eyes.

Yalli nods, but again loses her footing.

"Lets go to the platform, shall we? Locka says to everyone.

They start walking up the hill as they hear muisc and people shouting from the platform.

(I had to post this for Starrywhite.  I couldn't help but do so, but I didn't dare finish it completely for her.  Her writing is completely her writing).

Monday, June 6, 2011

How Jaeyh Comes Into Play =)

Jaeyh-- a girl from the Fourth Galaxy.

She comes to Sooted Star, trying to find a way to break the bonds on her hands.

She knows that she would be breaking her bargain with the Superior, but she hopes to find a way to save

her brother and keep her freedom at the same time.

Before she comes to Sooted Star, a powerful, mischievous sorcerer forms a portal and tricks her into

going into it.

Jaeyh nor the sorcerer knows where this portal goes, but the sorcerer just wants the amusement of seeing

little girls in agony.

When Jaeyh goes through the portal, she finds herself in the energy realm called Sooted Star.

There, she meets Zxero, The Council, and the crew of the space ship, Universal Navigator.

Jaeyh never expected this to happen, and at first, she tries to escape this realm, but she learns more about

it over time.

She learns that there are more galaxies than just her own.

So over time, she realizes that breaking her bonds is much easier than she thinks.

Friday, June 3, 2011

The Time Bubble

Don't get trapped in the time bubble.
It's hard to get out.
It takes a logical mind,
And and open heart,
To be able to escape.
You must understand science
And understand art as well,
For the time bubble is complicated,
And you will never get out.

But then on the other hand,
It's very easy to get out.
You just have to be Nothing and Everything.
But what is that?
Think about it,
While I just...

*Runs off*

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Strange New Thingses...

You're probably wondering what these "strange new thingses" are.  They are known as the "ideas that run through our minds that we get addicted to and we can't stop imagining them or we'll fall off our beds during the night."  And your parents will probably be wondering what just went "bump."  You'll be so entranced in you dream, that you won't even notice that the dust mites are crawling all over you, eating at your dead skin.  You probably won't even notice your mom coming into your room, screaming her head off, wondering what just happened.

Well, that may never happen to any of us any time soon.  But think, how many ideas have we made during our lives?  Probably hundreds, and hundreds more to come.  For instance, I remember the idea I had a long time ago about Sophia the witch, who impressed many people with her strange powers.  I remember Sarah and Sam the dragonflies, and Jenna, who had angel wings on her back.  Now I would like to "impress" upon you that we could one day have some strange new idea about a story of powerful gods, or something of that sort.

For now, just think of all the ideas you had during your life in the past.  Don't email them to me!  (Unless you really want to).  Just think... 

Meanwhile....  I'll just.....  Uhh,  Be off.  (Heh...  heh...)
LOOK, AN IDIOT!  *Runs away*  

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Quotes From the Darkness...

"We may think we will always be together as one, or balance one another out, but in the end we all die alone."

We are all selfish one way or another.
"Brains have the power to help us survive.  Brains have the power to put us on self destruct."