Saturday, June 11, 2011

Angel of Darkness part 2 of 3

As Roy leads everyone outside, Yalli sees the sky is darker then last time and the only thing she could see is the candles. She trips and stumbles over rocks in the grass, but she is soon grabbing Locka's hand as he leads her through the night. She thinks that he is only doing this so she can become the real ruler of the land, but she is not sure on how she is going to do it.

Will I have to kill the king? she thinks in her head.

She shudders at the thought and hears Roy say "We are here!"

She stares in amazement as she sees the clearing of the field all flat. The ground is filled with purple flowers that are playing bell like sounds. It interests Mearle and she starts putting the candle in the flower. The flower makes the candle hover and flame that lit the candle is engulfed by the flower, making it glow twice as bright. Yalli sees everyone doing this and sees Roy putting her candle into a flower too. As she stares to see the flower glow too, it instead just makes the candle float.

"You need to put it in yourself." Roy says to Yalli.

As she goes over to the flower, she feels confused about it. As she holds the candle, she tries to make it float. To her surprise, she holds the candle and puts it on top of the flower. It engulfs the flame like the others did. She feels relieved for some reason even though she didn't know why.

"Okay everyone. Now get with the people you are with tonight." Roy instructs.

As people walks all over the place, Yalli looks all over for Locka and Mearle. She sees them standing next to Mearle's flower and she joins them.

"Now we know who came with who." continues Roy, "Now lets say the prayer together."

As everyone closes thier eyes, Yalli just watches everyone. She didn't know what to do.

"I know you don't know what is happening or anything." says Mearle, "But when he means everyone, he only means my brother and all the other boys. They are the only one who has to say the prayer."

"How come?"

"Women get it easier then the men do down here supposely, but it's all the same for everyone in general." she explains.

Yalli still didn't understand even with Mearle's explanation. As she waits for Locka to be done, she sees the flowers glowing even brighter. The flowers then start pointing to a hill. On the hill is a platform. The girls start heading to the hill except Mearle and Yalli who wait patiently for Locka to open his eyes. The see the other boys going to the platform and hears music play on the platform, but Locka still didn't open his eyes.

"Don't worry, he's just taking his time." Mearle explains as Yalli starts to look uneasy.

As Yalli looks at Locka, she stares at his closed eye-lids. She stares at them, hoping to see his soft brown eyes. She suddenly had a feeling to close her eyes too. As she did, she suddenly sees Locka from afar standing alone. She isn't even sure if she is inside her own head, but she did hear him whisper to himself. As she comes closer to him, she sees him getting farer from her reach. She then starts to run, but it's going like fast as a jet speeding. She suddenly uses her entire force to just catch up to him, and when she did, she somehow trips and finally falls beside him. He didn't even notice her, his eyes open, but it's just his pupils. He didn't have the white surrounding. It's like they are floating there.

She gasps, and thats when Locka screams above like if he is in pain, gripping his right arm. Yalli is terrified and confused. She didn't know what to do and screams at him "I'm here! Locka, please stop with this screaming. You're okay!"

She tries to grab a hold on his sholders to shake him, but he just fades right through her hands.

"Relax! Calm down! Stay calm!" she shouts with shock.

He then gets on his kness and still holds his hand, but he isn't screaming anymore. She sees a something coming out of his arm. It's white and whispy and it has Locka's face. It turns to Yalli and says in a echoing voice, "Please wake up. Don't ever disturb me when I'm doing this. I'm awake, but your disturbing my consciousness. I'm sorry for being rude, but please get out."

She then suddenly sees her going backwards, away from the wispy form of Locka. She looks around and opens her eyes immediately. Seeing Mearle and Locka staring at her. She gets up and starts rubbing her temples from the pain in her head.

"You all right? No one hasn't done that before." Mearle asks with amazed eyes.

Yalli nods, but again loses her footing.

"Lets go to the platform, shall we? Locka says to everyone.

They start walking up the hill as they hear muisc and people shouting from the platform.

(I had to post this for Starrywhite.  I couldn't help but do so, but I didn't dare finish it completely for her.  Her writing is completely her writing).

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