Monday, June 6, 2011

How Jaeyh Comes Into Play =)

Jaeyh-- a girl from the Fourth Galaxy.

She comes to Sooted Star, trying to find a way to break the bonds on her hands.

She knows that she would be breaking her bargain with the Superior, but she hopes to find a way to save

her brother and keep her freedom at the same time.

Before she comes to Sooted Star, a powerful, mischievous sorcerer forms a portal and tricks her into

going into it.

Jaeyh nor the sorcerer knows where this portal goes, but the sorcerer just wants the amusement of seeing

little girls in agony.

When Jaeyh goes through the portal, she finds herself in the energy realm called Sooted Star.

There, she meets Zxero, The Council, and the crew of the space ship, Universal Navigator.

Jaeyh never expected this to happen, and at first, she tries to escape this realm, but she learns more about

it over time.

She learns that there are more galaxies than just her own.

So over time, she realizes that breaking her bonds is much easier than she thinks.

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