Monday, June 20, 2011

I, Zxero

Zxero is a dragon.

At least that's what it's perceived to be

By the author of this story.

Zxero is Nothing and Everything, you see.

But what is Nothing and Everything?

I here, hardly know

For it is a matter of perspective, see.

And knowledge hardly knows.

Zxero is a silver dragon

That likes to travel portals.

And it has a telepathic mind.

Reasoning that, it speaks not through words.

It is neither male nor female

Therefore, others find Zxero weird.

But this dragon minds not

For when it meets someone

It usually never sees them again.

And so to wrap up this discussion.

Which is very one sided as I can see.

I, Zxero will hit the road now.

And perhaps I'll see you in another life. 

To be continued in a different story poem...

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