Thursday, June 2, 2011

Strange New Thingses...

You're probably wondering what these "strange new thingses" are.  They are known as the "ideas that run through our minds that we get addicted to and we can't stop imagining them or we'll fall off our beds during the night."  And your parents will probably be wondering what just went "bump."  You'll be so entranced in you dream, that you won't even notice that the dust mites are crawling all over you, eating at your dead skin.  You probably won't even notice your mom coming into your room, screaming her head off, wondering what just happened.

Well, that may never happen to any of us any time soon.  But think, how many ideas have we made during our lives?  Probably hundreds, and hundreds more to come.  For instance, I remember the idea I had a long time ago about Sophia the witch, who impressed many people with her strange powers.  I remember Sarah and Sam the dragonflies, and Jenna, who had angel wings on her back.  Now I would like to "impress" upon you that we could one day have some strange new idea about a story of powerful gods, or something of that sort.

For now, just think of all the ideas you had during your life in the past.  Don't email them to me!  (Unless you really want to).  Just think... 

Meanwhile....  I'll just.....  Uhh,  Be off.  (Heh...  heh...)
LOOK, AN IDIOT!  *Runs away*  

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