Friday, June 3, 2011

The Time Bubble

Don't get trapped in the time bubble.
It's hard to get out.
It takes a logical mind,
And and open heart,
To be able to escape.
You must understand science
And understand art as well,
For the time bubble is complicated,
And you will never get out.

But then on the other hand,
It's very easy to get out.
You just have to be Nothing and Everything.
But what is that?
Think about it,
While I just...

*Runs off*


  1. The photo alone speaks volumes. My favorite line is: "runs off."

    Keep at it, Syd. I've registered both me and Sabrina to receive updates of your blog. You and your mom have inspired me to start a blog this summer. What do you think of the name, "mythterminator?" for me? - Martha Kruy

  2. that sounds great! sounds kinda fantasy and syfy at the same time. Thats the best.