Sunday, September 4, 2011

A Jay that Wished Adventure (part 1)

Have you not heard of a bird that writes stories?  Have you not heard of a bird that thinks logically?  A bird that loves to bang on drums?  A bird that craves adventure?  This was quite the case with Lucia.  She was a scrub jay.  She loved to write and bang on percussion instruments.  She could think logically and she always craved adventure.  The other birds asked this question: what’s the case with this strange scrub jay?  Well the answer is this: Lucia was the only scrub jay living on her island.  Sad for her, isn’t it?  But fortunately she wasn’t lonely.  At least she had no friend issues.  But still, how can one live as the only living scrub jay on an island of robins, ravens, and finches?  Perhaps you should try living as a giant in a city of ants.  Either way, you’d somehow make your way in life.

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