Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Lucia and Her Writing (part 2)

Lucia, also known as “Star Rider,” had been writing all day.  She got upset quite often, for she could never find the write words to fit together for her story.  She got even more upset every time her “grandraven,” Yeller called her for a meal.
            ‘Leave me be!’ said she.  ‘I know being upset is irrational behavior, but still, I must finish this chapter!’  And Lucia would sit for another hour, trying to find the right words to place in her terrifyingly ugly story.
            For her writing, Lucia used a typewriter, because her handwriting was awful.  Even her old grandraven Yeller said Lucia’s handwriting stank as bad as an old rotted goose egg.  Lucia found it funny how Yeller perceived her writing.
            Lucia wrote and wrote furiously.  She had been called many times to come and eat her dinner, but she had refused every time she was asked.
            ‘Dinner, child!’ Yeller said.  ‘I mean so.  Come ye now, quickly, or else ye will find yer head rotting on a metal post for all to see!’
            ‘But if my head were to be rotting on a metal post, that would mean I was dead.  And if I were dead, I wouldn’t care in the least if people saw my head,’ Lucia said.
            ‘Ye and thine logic!’ old Yeller screeched.  And he came in from the roof on top of their tree house, flapping furiously with his old tattered wings.  ‘Come child,’ said he.  ‘Ye have had enough writing.  Ye will ne’r accomplish anything when thy stomach is empty.’
            And so Lucia finally came to eat.  Tired, she was, but quite happy.  Though she had not even written a paragraph, she was satisfied with what the words said and meant.  She sat down to eat with a smile across her beak.

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