Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Dimensional Analysis

Who says this is reality?

Who says the person we see in the mirror

Doesn't see us too?

When they live a different life

And come to the mirror when we do.

Do we imagine the other dimension

Or does the other dimension imagine us?

Or both, perhaps

And see, we couldn't care less


Time rolls like the wind

In pretty little gusts

Or evil torrents

But it rolls on, it does

Within both dimensions.

And these two dimensions

Both alike yet so different

Roll like time

And both time and dimension

Leave the little things in its courses to wonder.


  1. Hrm interesting. I felt a serious/ angry tone. Not sure if that was the intention, but somehow that's what it told my heart. Nice job!

  2. It's almost a tribute to the story I am writing. Was it slightly curt sounding to you really? But it was rather serious. "Dimensional Analysis," indeed it must be rather serious! Ha!