Sunday, December 25, 2011

To Steal a Star: 2 Zxero is Indeed a Dragon

Even though we do live in what we call 'reality,' there is always another dimension of reality where lies our imagination.  The raven, of course, since she had such a wide imagination, imagined a world part of this other dimension of reality.  We would call this a 'fantasy world.'  But if we imagine this 'fantasy world,' do the things in this world imagine reality?  It may be a question to remain unanswered.  But even if this the case, you may also question this when I tell you that there is a being in this other dimension of reality who imagines reality.  In fact, this being imagines the raven just like the raven imagines the being.
          You may be wondering who or what this being is.  Well, I shall most certainly tell you.  His name is Zxero.  He is a dragon that lives in the raven's own other dimension of reality.  On his world, he lives on a mountain and writes all day, rather than flying around with other dragons and acting stupid like they all do. In many ways, he is just like the raven.  He writes, imagines reality, and pretends he is elsewhere.  The only difference between him and the raven is that he can speak in many languages, unlike the raven who in her reality, can only speak her own way (the way of the ravens of course).
          But for now we will leave Zxero in the caves and return to the raven and see how she ends up coming to the other dimension of reality.

To be continued...


  1. Interesting. Maybe the Raven is secretly a dragon too? :O That would be cool! I don't know that's what I thought.

  2. That is an interesting concept. I like your ideas very much.

  3. Don't thank me. Thank my brain and the concepts it brings. ^^

  4. Your brain is part of you... but that would be certainly creepy if if were a separate being. O.o