Sunday, December 11, 2011

To Steal a Star

...A book currently being written in a College Rule journal.

It is called "To Steal a Star."

It is about many characters, but mainly three characters who all imagine this other world.  They accidentally get sent through portals from their realities to their fantasy world and meet each other there.  Oh, and yes, the characters' names I must mention:
~The Raven

Zxero:  Of course, for those of you who knew Zxero from previous stories, he is a dragon.  This time, he belongs in this story I think.

Owen:  He's a boy of about 16 who has a very wide imagination.  He is often picked on in school.  But one day he is bullied, so he runs away.  I won't tell what happens next.

The Raven:  Obviously, she is a raven.  Well perhaps it isn't that obvious, for she could be different, but still, she is a raven indeed.  She is the cleverest raven of her kind, but she is also picked on.  Therefore, she is very lonely.

...And that is all for now about the main 3 characters.  Onward with the plot!  So they come to this world and they find that it is very dangerous, but they each have a certain kind of magic in this world.  They must master their own magic so that they can survive in the world, because almost everyone is against them.  Ok, I will spoil it for you.  They learn that their imagination is the most powerful of their magic near the end of the story.


  1. Ohhh intriguing indeed! I was almost thinking for a second The Raven was Kiri who transformed into a Raven from the last book. Ah well. Guess Zxero shall travel on and meet new people, eh?

  2. Yeop. The raven is the raven. The story is all about sharing of reality.