Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Longing Dragon--a one page sentence

He of little faith, large doubts, unforgiving thoughts was a logical creature, so very polite to others around him and so very wise, so very true in his words, so very respected as a dragon, but his problem was that he could not speak his emotions, and this little world he kept in his longing, longing mind was his only friend to keep him living, hoping, dreaming, longing until someone or something would finally swoop down one starry night to drag him up into a place where he could share his feelings; though his feelings are that of sadness and anger, they are confined into the deepest crevice of his large mind that is larger and cleverer than any other dragon mind on his world, and therefore it often causes him to become depressed, greatly saddened, so very insane until he is to the point where his logic cannot prevail, to the point where he flies to the tops of peaks and back while he takes in large, heavy breaths to fill his suffering lungs, to the point where he will survive off his own blood and scorched scales so that he can watch his own veins pulsate under his hard, silver skin, and it is when he becomes this insane will he mock the gods, especially the deceptive god who had once conquered the world by pretending to be like this longing dragon, purging himself with sour, acidic water to make his throat burn so that vulnerable mortals would take pity on him, running up and down the peaks, murdering himself on the inside, but this dragon is not the deceptive god, for he does not long for power over this small world, rather, he only wants someone to talk to, and this someone he is longing for we do not yet know who or what it is, for finding a true friend takes time, and finding a true friend whose soul you can tie to could take a lifetime.

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