Sunday, January 29, 2012


I let her knife dig through
I do not scream; I want none to hear
There are no tears to slither down these cheeks of mine
A strange, angered gust of wind is blowing
It bids me goodbye.

I let her knife go deep into my shoulder
She whispers to me, "stupid, innocent"
And she takes my finger and bends it back
It snaps
I do not scream.  I will not scream.

There is a darkness in life
It shows as clear as the stars
And in my eyes it spreads like dust
But I do not scream.  I will not scream
There is a light in life I will reach.

I will not be vulnerable to this darkness
Or this jealous girl who breaks my fingers
And digs her knife into my shoulder
I stand up on quivering legs
I raise my bloody fist and punch the girl.

"You have no life!" I scream
"You have no life!"
And she stumbles back, her nose flat and gushing
Then for a moment I stare and say
"You take your life for granted."

With hope inside, I run away.

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